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Welcome to the Cult Of Odd, a wild ride through the internet and mind of Detroit's own Odd Man. Odd has been broadcasting live for over 15 years. He's a crazy and thought provoking (that's not all he provokes) creative type of guy. The show really is like a info dump of things rolling around Odd's mind each week. He's joined by a cast of colorful characters. His rotating cohosts […]

Christopher Dunham (born and raised right here in the Metro Detroit area) has been broadcasting podcasts and radio shows for 15 years. His mind and views on things are outside the norm and audiences seem to eat it up.

Odd has no formal training in any of the arenas he’s mastered. He is 100% self taught on web design. graphics, audio editing and video production. He has a small personal company called Oddio Productions that handles a lot of the work here at TapDetroit. Along with side gigs and other projects.

He has a quick wit and a sharp tongue. He’ll make you laugh, cry, get angry and think all in the same breath. His goal for 15 years has been helping the independent spirit find outlets to be discovered. He only works with small businesses for his advertising and he predominantly works with independent artists, giving them a platform to get their music heard by a wide audience.

Over the years his show has had many names, but the core purpose has been the same. Entertain and educate the masses on topics and things in history long since forgotten. He also brings a heavy dose of pop culture to the network. He’s a fan of most forms of media and can go toe to toe with even the most die hard of fans on certain topics. You can find Odd on most social media by looking for either MyRadioIsOdd or CultOfOdd


My Favourite Quote

“The price they put upon the heads of folks with poignant views. Would be better spent on the children without shoes. And when the King condoned the actions of the liar
He forgot to weight the awesome power of the village crier” ~Oysterhead

If you’re interested in more on Odd or his show Cult Of Odd, check out the page here on TapDetroit for quick links to all things Odd. He does interviews, plays video games and basically just terrorizes the internet with content regularly. He also has a Patreon and merch store set up to help keep the show and projects growing. Not to mention he’s always willing to talk to interesting people. So make sure you look for his interview scheduling calendar.

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