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Welcome to the Cult Of Odd, a wild ride through the internet and mind of Detroit's own Odd Man. Odd has been broadcasting live for over 15 years. He's a crazy and thought provoking (that's not all he provokes) creative type of guy. The show really is like a info dump of things rolling around Odd's mind each week. He's joined by a cast of colorful characters. His rotating cohosts […]

Kenneth Williams AKA Jad The Taff is the newest member of the Cult Of Odd CoHost team. Jad is Pro wrestling smart mark and self proclaimed king of video game randomizer. he loves giving his color commentary (pun intended) on all things news worthy. He’s also an occasional streamer on Twitch Wether it’s video games, Pro wrestling or even just cooking a bomb ass meal. Jad is the man you want to go to for fun, food and good times..


My Favourite Quote

“Love is just a chemical. We give it meaning by choice.” – Bioshock 2

Jad and Odd met via a mutual streamer friend named Late2TheGamers, they’ve played together and done multiple streams together. Odd decided to bring Jad in because he had a desire to get into podcasting. Jad will also be lending his brain and fingers to Odd’s upcoming review blogs called Couch Critics. An avid movie and TV buff, Odd and jad share a love of horror movies no matter how bad they are. So get use to hearing his voice and seeing his face.

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