Cult Of Odd

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Welcome to the Cult Of Odd, a wild ride through the internet and mind of Detroit's own Odd Man. Odd has been broadcasting live for over 15 years. He's a crazy and thought provoking (that's not all he provokes) creative type of guy. The show really is like a info dump of things rolling around Odd's mind each week. He's joined by a cast of colorful characters. His rotating cohosts […]

Paul Martin. Born and raised in Wayne Westland area, Graduated high school from the Westland school system. Where he was at the top of his class in class clownery. Has always had a passion for music. And a quick wit and sharp tongue.

After a chance meeting at a garage sale Odd and Ace hit it off and quickly became friends. Ace was working with a band called Procrastination and managed to get the band featured on Odds show, soon after Ace was a guest on the show a few times and then started cohost occasionally with Odd.

Over time he became a regular co-host for many years. Drawing on his love for music and his comedy chops to complement Odds style of entertainment. Being the oldest by more than a few years of all the other host and his total lack of tech skills is a recipe for laughter most Friday nights. Just another ONE OF US that keeps the funny rolling.


My Favourite Quote

“There is no winning, there’s only different degrees of losing.” ~ P.M.

Ace is also odd’s barometer of does it work for everyone. Wehn Odd is designing websites of updating functionality of TapDetroit here. He’ll run it past Ace to see if he can maneuver it easily. Being that Ace is so NOT tech savvy, they pick and play at each other a lot but there is nobody Odd would rather have as a friend than ACE. He’s been Odd’s voice of reason many times…as scary as that sounds!

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