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  • Tapping Detroit’s roots to the core…
  • Dream Cruise News (click here) Rocking Woodward All This Weekend!
  • Detroit national anthem by T-money green…
  • Electric Football News  and biggest loser contest between T-Money and The Hulk, Is the plan from Vet Ann working?
  • Break Every Chain (click here for the report) The Marc Emery tribute in Windsor Canada on behalf of the citizens of   District 2, City of Detroit, State of Michigan and, United States of America.
  • Live @ 5pm Eastern Time on internet radio. Call in at (313)429-0801


Marc Emery is free
A Free Marc Emery in Windsor Ontario Canada after being kicked out of America with $150 and a new pair of Nike Gym Shoes after serving 5 years for selling seeds of medicine.
Marc Emery is Free /  In Justin Tredeau we believe!
Jodie Emery for Canadian Prime Minister










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By WeedMan

5XL Large and in Charge is a internet radio show dedicated to the uplift of Detroit through positive messages of hope. We have Jim "The Hulk" Davis who is an outstanding. Electronic Football Coach, Edward "T-Money" Green legendary Bass player and, Richard "Free The Weed" Clement Marijuana Activist. Fridays from 5-7pm