What Type of music? – Hip Hop 

When did you start? – I started rapping in high school but I started recording in 2008 with Skywlkr (Danny Brown’s DJ/Producer) 

Why did I decide to start? – I’ve always had an obsesstion with music and I liked to rap. After meeting Skywlkr and our other friend Matt I thought I good and had potential. Plus it’s just fun and very rewarding. It feels good to make songs that people you don’t know get happy about. 

How many people are in your group? Bloch – Kolorful – Doug Bannerman – Skywlkr (close friend) 

Who do I collaborate with? Nolan The Ninja – Jimmy Stoner – Chavis Chandler – 6 Fingerz ——- Wax & EOM – Grilled Lincoln’s – Bumpin Uglies – Bruiser for shows

What is the name of your group? Michigan’s Finest

Where do you play? Home venue is Hatchy’s —- I have played: Detroit Pub (Clinton Twp & Detroit) The Emerald Theatre – Hayloft – Crowfoot – Shelter @ St. Andrews – Bullfrog & Various bars around Metro Detroit 

Upcoming shows? Saturday, May 2nd 2015 at The Detroit Pub $10 – 18+

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Facebook: Chad Kush
Twitter: @xChadKushx
Instagram: xChadKushx

YouTube: Chad Kush


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