I don’t know how to thank you all enough. UNDERLAND hasn’t just been a band for me over the nearly 10 years I’ve known these guys. They’ve been more than a band. As Tiny would say their Family. They’ve been there for me & my family(along with Tiny’s family & many others) through good times & bad. They’ve allowed me to be a part of their band from being a video-grapher to roadie to drumtech to merch guy to intro guy to now “Radio man”. It all has happened because of them. They were the start of it. They believed in me when others didn’t. They stood by & supported me when others wouldn’t & now tonight I got to show the world how awesome these guys are & how BAD ASS the new album”Hatewater” really is. I couldn’t be happier to be a part of a band like this. These 3 guys are 3 of the best guys I’ve EVER met in this “Local music scene”. The only thing that gives me hope. I very much hope to see some friend’s out at Rocky’s Saturday night for their CD Release party. We’ll be broadcasting LIVE from 7-9pm then let the music begin. We’ll have CD’s to give away & Amber will be with us to help make the broadcast better. I couldn’t be happier then I am today to say that these 3 guys are not just a band called”UNDERLAND” to me. Their brothers. Thank you guys for standing by us when others turn & walk away. You give us hope in this “music scene”

My words not Tiny’s!


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