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Tiny & Plankman Show 11/02/14

We paid tribute to Wayne from Static X to start the show. We also played Female fronted bands to celebrate NovemHER. We had music from Fall Prey,Nightwish,Darling Down,Aurin,We are the fallen & more. All Female fronted bands. We also had Thies week in Rock history(which we found out Who shared their birthday with Cyan). Oh yeah. Cyan was in studio celebrating her Birthday with us along with her friend Liz. We also for some strange reason got stuck on Hall & Oates “Private Eyes”. You’ll have to listen to the podcast link below to hear what you missed. Tiny’s D double O D dood of the week PLUS band to band combat which you can vote at We also discussed “Shacktown” a.k.a. Norwayne & the fact its a “Historical area now. If you missed that check out this¬†

Happy Birthday Cyan!

Check us out next week. Same Bat time. Same Bat Channel.





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