We talked with Martin from Protokult & ended up on the subject of BEER (Of course). We talked about their music & where they were playing in Canada & maybe someday coming to The States. If you haven’t heard them you should definitly check them out. Also, Tiny decides mere HOURS before the show that we should ALSO have on Sarah from Aurin to promote their NEW CD Catharsis which comes out on October 14th so make sure to get you’re copy it’s a great ALBUM.Aurin also was picked for this weeks Band To Band Combat to go up against Dead Mans Ransom so make sure you go to Tapdetroit.com/vote & vote for you’re favorite or you will anger Tiny. We also had RAZLOG in studio again who demanded we play Ordway (which is a awesome band & we hope to have them on the show in the near future) & Razlog demanded Soulsik another 1 of Razlogs bands he’s met out on the road with Shudder & Harlow. Tiny gave us his MEGA 5 Megadeth songs. I tried to give my list but we had so much going on I never finished………. THAT”S WHAT SHE SAID!

If you missed anything from yesterdays show OR you just want to hear it again click on the link below & listen to you’re hearts content.

MUEN Magazine/Owner/Writer for getting us Sarah from Aurin with such little notice.

Thanks to all of you that tune in & can be a part of our show.


Thank you,



Dedicated to The Weaver family



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