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Tiny & Plankman Show 08/24/14

Last nights TnP Show.

We had Gary Smith from Rockys in Riverview on to discuss(along with Justin from the Rockery via phone) the upcoming Michigan on Mute festival at Rockys this coming weekend. We also had Nico from Detroit VooDoo to discuss all things Detroit Voodoo & KOYL. Oh we had a surprise return Co-Host Amber Ruehle who stayed for MOST of the show. There was also for some strange reason A DEBUT of a song called “Welcome to The Russell”(DONT SUE ME AXL ITS JUST A JOKE!) by Plankey. Why? I don’t think ANYONE knows. We played some awesome music from Detroit VooDoo,KOYL,Social Class Zero,Bridge To Grace,Downspeed & Ominous Presence(which was this weeks BAND TO BAND COMBAT. Go to the vote tab on the website & pick either DOWNSPEED or Ominous Presnece. Also yesterday was the anniversary(I guess) of Judas Priest being sued by Nevada for 2 kids killing themselves (allegedly) to their music. We played a song “Heroes End” & some of the interview of the band from back in 1990. That was This Week in Rock History. Remeber it? Miss it? Weren’t born yet? Miss last nights show? Nico LOVED IT! Well click on the link below to get the podcast & enjoy anytime you wish.

Thank you all for listening(And reading)


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This just in.

We can NO LONGER PLAY “Welcome to The Russell”




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