We flew solo. Just myself & intern Alyssa so we played music from Crimson Sun,Eva Under Fire,Shadow Strands,Viathyn & Symphony X. We were also joined by CEO & Founder of Tapdetroit.com Olin Ezra who as always derailed the show. We ended up discussing(of all things to discuss) Escanaba In Da Moonlight. We probably talked more about this movie then it was actually talked about when it came out. Then the question came up if I was a “Yooper”. I was told I sound a lot like them even though I’m not actually from up there BUT do have relatives up there. So, we called an expert on ALL THINGS U.P. My cousin Kris. I think he made things clearer. If thats a word? We were suppose to spend MORE time training Alyssa BUT as always the show get distracted & we stay on 1 topic till the end. If you missed ANY of this or if I left anything out download the podcast below & listen till you say “EH”DA YOOPERS


Thanks for tuning in.


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