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The Cure for Ebola? Is there any thing Weed can’t do?

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weedleaf1We will be sampling cures for the Ebola virus with Blue Cheeze and, Mustang homegrown OG grown in Detroit.

Is there anything weed can’t do?  Fighting Ebola with Cannabis(Click Here to Read)

Bud for Breasts?  Supporting the fight against Breast Cancer with some Lansing Og from TNT

67.5 million dollars in revenue for the State of Colorado in one year of legal Marijuana.   Vote straight D to keep the weed free (Elect the 420 Slate of Candidates Click Here)..

Music by  Detroit’s own Edward T-Money Green

Electronic Football and NFL Picks of the Week with Jim “The Hulk” Davis

Call in 313 429 0801 –  5xl Large and in Charge  5pm on Detroit’s Dankest Internet Radio Station.

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