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Wolves Within

See The Muzic News: Interview with Trent Hafdahl from After The Burial












Howie D. from Hard Edge Radio recently got the chance to talk to guitarist Trent Hafdahl from After The Burial. They covered a variety of topics including, how the band has progressed and grown over the years, touring in Europe, the latest CD, how he feels about band genres and more.

After The Burial has been touring non-stop since the release of their latest album, Wolves Within, which came out in December of 2013. The band has another month or so of US dates before heading back to Europe for another tour. The ATB machine  just keeps drudging on and the hype continues to grow. Check out After The Burial live if they are heading to a town near you. Please click below to hear the interview.


The interview with Trent Hafdahl from After The Burial:



Wolves Within, the latest CD from After The Burial:













After The Burial online:






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