Read’em and Weep

The Plankman Show #3

We had a whole lot of problems getting this show off I aint gonna lie. In the end it turned out great. Thanks to Matt & Steve from Read’em & Weep for coming in,hangin out & playing some new music from their new album for us. Also would like to thank my neighbor Jamie for coming in last minute & helping out with the show. I did start off angry & ranted about the local music & supporters or lack there of. Anything you missed can be heard through the podcast link below.

Thank you all who tune in & thanks again to Read’em & weep. Check them out August 13th at Zeeks in Ferndale.13669748_1155165784546580_6383758342365443275_n





Tap Top Ten 07/21/13


1. Chaos Rains – Nursing The Pain (1)
2. Like A Storm – Love The Way You Hate Me (10)
3. Bulletproof Snow – Punished For My Innocence (3)
4. Chrome Mollie ( – Free Me (4)
5. SHOCK WAVE – Bullet Train (2)
6. Mary Jane’s Pride – Pinebox Letter (9)
7. SHUDDER – Change? (4)
8. New Day Revolution – No Goodbye (5)
9. My Perfect Nightmare – Break Me (6)
10. Read’em and Weep – Holy Road (D)

Do you want your band, or a band YOU really like on this list?? Comment on Monday’s post or send an e-mail to Thanks for voting!!!!

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