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Hard Edge Radio 05/08/14





















Thursday May 8th on Hard Edge Radio they talked to Lvei Benton from Miss May I and members of local progressive metal band Imminent Sonic Destruction stopped by the studio. Plus the usual entertainment news, upcoming shows and more. Hard Edge Radio airs live every Thursday night from 8-10pm EST on

Hard Edge Radio 04/03/14



Thursday April 3rd on Hard Edge Radio they talked to Fernanda Lira from all-female Brazilian thrash band Nervosa and members of Detroit metal band Temple of Void stopped by the studio. They also made the big announcement of the full lineup for “Get Into The Pit” happening June 27th and 28th at Rocky’s in Riverview. Hard Edge Radio airs live every Thursday night from 8-10pm EST on


Wildly Obsessed with ‘Wild Throne’

The past 2 days I have woken up and almost immediately turned on the fascinating new EP from a band that is creeping up on my favorites list, Wild Throne.  The sometimes informative yet always entertaining MetalSucks debuted ‘Bloodmaker’ on Wednesday, and since then its culminated nearly 10,000 plays on the bands SoundCloud page. Now, normally I’ll sprinkle in some satire and fairly unfunny jokes within my posts, but honestly, this band is too good to fuck around with. I’m not even kidding.

Wild Throne came together in 2009 and have released two vinyl EP’s, one each in 2011 and 2012. The release of Bloodmaker on March 4th will be nothing short of epic, as I am assuming the amount of pre-orders has exploded since the preview 48 hours ago. Seriously, its that fucking good.

Their sound? It has an early Mastodon feel, with familiar vocals that are reminiscent of Greg Puciato’s clean-ish singing and a hard-rock edge that gently caresses the hiney of metal every other beat. It reminds me of a harder and more passionately embroiled version of a little known band called Bear Crossing, but distinctly their own…if that makes any sense. I can see Pitchfork creaming their pants over this band, and this time its rightfully deserved (Deafheaven…don’t even get me started).

‘The Wrecking Ball Unchained’ is my favorite of the three tracks released, which you can listen to this very moment. I cannot get it out of my head. Please god do yourself a favor and  pre-order their EP via the little shopping cart on the SoundCloud widget below. Did I mention I like these guys? Because I really like these guys. Happy Friday!

What you you guys think? Digging Wild Throne or giving it a pass? Let me know in the comments!


I Have Nothing Bad to Say About Philadelphia’s ‘Nothing’

I have a very strong feeling that 2014 is going to be the year of crunchy rock-style, alternative metal and I have zero problems with that. Last week I introduced you guys to The Vintage Caravan, and this week I bring you something from Nothing. I mean, something can’t come from nothing unless it’s a band….called Nothing. I studied Philosophy in college…I could talk about “something from nothing” for a month, but I’ll spare you all…for now.

Straight out of Philadelphia, Nothing’s debut full-length album Guilty of Everything should surely take the metal scene by storm. The band has released 2 songs from the upcoming album via their bandcamp site both of which have completely blown me away. To me, vocals can make or break a band; what’s the point of listening to a band where the main layer of the tracks is shitty vocals? I just can’t look past it. So my ears were very pleased when I first hit play on the SoundCloud widget and didn’t cringe in horror when lead singer Dominic Palermo chimed in with his smooth and ambient vocals. I’ve been listening to the two songs on repeat for the past hour, that’s how good these cats are.

Check out the track “Bent Nail” below, and make sure to pre-order the album by clicking this link which is set to be released March 4th via Relapse Records.

What do you guys think? Is Nothing worth something?? Holla atcha girl in the comments!


Hard Edge Radio 01/23/2014


Thursday January 23rd on Hard Edge Radio. They talked to lead singer Austin Held from Girl On Fire and members of local metal band Revenant stopped by the studio. Hard Edge Radio airs live every Thursday night from 8-10pm EST on

New Year, New Metal (Insert Limp Bizkit Joke Here)

We’re nearly through the first month of 2014, but most of us will continue to write “2013” on our bank slips well into late March, amirite?! We might as well just get used to filling out 2 bank slips for the first fiscal quarter of the year, let’s be honest here. Something I have no problem getting used to, however, is all the new metal January has provided us with!

While everything else in the world takes it sweet ass time picking up the pace into the New Year, heavy metal has begun 2014 with a nice handful of quality-ass music for our listening pleasure. Here are a few noteworthy releases I suggest you give a listen. There’s something for everyone! Kids! Grandma! The weird relative you only know as “Uncle Touchy”! Take a gander after the jump.

Warfather – Orchestrating the Apocalypse

Steve Tucker’s (former Morbid Angel vocalist and bassist) new band Warfather is a saucy death metal outfit complete with, what seems like a warning message to mankind: some global shit is about to hit the fan, realize your true potential before it’s too late. Or something like that. I have a strong feeling Tucker could probably qualify to be on an episode of “Doomsday Preppers”. But hey, that’s just me.

Alcest – Shelter

French shoegaze duo Alcest is back in 2014 with a slightly different feel, but not so much so that their sound is unrecognizable; its quite the contrary, actually. Shelter is definitely mellower than previous offerings, yet still caresses the ears with the grace of a ballet dancer. Honestly, I wouldn’t really label this as “metal”, but it’s still safe to say that there are still some metal roots at its core; At least enough to give it a listen if you feel like mellowing out to some beautifully written tracks. College students: this is an album you can throw on while doing homework that won’t distract the living shit out of you. Praise jeebus.

The Vintage Caravan – Voyage

Hold on to your pants, hippies. If you’re craving some quality 70’s bluesy soul rock that’s straight outta 2014, then look no further than the newest release from the Icelandic trio. If you are a fan of bands like Clutch, Gypsyhawk and anything from the Yacht Rock era, you’re most likely going to dig much of what The Vintage Caravan has to offer. I’m not sure how old the band members are, but judging by the press photo, I would guess fresh out of high school (or whatever they call it in Iceland…Gymnasium or some shit? Whatev’s man, its fucking high school to me. ‘Murica). Regardless of the amount of pubes they may or may not have, they clearly know how the play their instruments and write some killer rock riffs to boot. Iceland is where its at, yo.

Any new releases your digging this early into the year? Let me know in the comments!


See The Muzic News: Scent of Remains


Jonny sits down with Herb Himes, lead guitarist for the brutal metal band Scent of Remains. They talk about what sets them apart with their unique edge and dynamic range. They talk about the inspiration for Under a Blackened Sky. They talk about recording and where you can get the new record coming soon from Pavement Entertainment. Listen in for more, and get out there and see the music!

Maximum the Hormone: Having a Stroke meets The Rain Man

Japan is an intense place. I’ve never been there, but I’ve fornicated with people who have. Needless to say, I have insight n’ shit.  A people of discipline, the Japanese also have a knack for being fucking crazy.

Undying cultural devotion + Massive amounts of radiation poisoning = CRAZY

Recently I’ve had the privilege of discovering a band hailing from said archipelago, Maximum the Hormone. I wish I could accurately describe the weird they embody, but unfortunately the English language just cannot do it justice. However, I will try to my best to tell you, as the reader, what to expect, and why exactly you should go out of your way to listen to them.


This band sprinkles in quite a bit about the magic male fluid we all know, and some of us may or may not love. Coming (no pun intended) from a cultural group of people known for their less-than-sizable ‘members’, I find this especially entertaining.


The bands website states that, “the lyrics [they] write appear to be meaningless but huge amount of metaphors and sarcasm are hidden behind.”  This is a direct quote copied from the website, so ya know, fuck grammar. ANYWAY, I’m sure if we lived in Japan we might be able to decipher what the hell is being sung about, exactly. But alas, we do not, and therefore the English translation presents us with lyrical gems ranging from stuff about the Japanese version of Croc’s (jesus WHY!?), video game cheat codes (because stereotypes), to what-ever the fuck “eraser rain” is, and a bunch of stuff that has to do with the act of breaking shit or being broken. Oh, and “8th grade laser beams”. Because who knows what the hell goes on in a Japanese classroom.

Here is the trailer for their latest album, which includes snippets of each song along with the lyrics translated in English. It’s sooooooooooo worth the watch. Seriously.


It’s fucking awesome. If it wasn’t, I wouldn’t be writing about it. It’s just as random as the lyrics, but  catchy, technical and fundamentally exclusive.  They have some stuff that I personally feel is ripped off from System Of A Down, but hey, they say stealing is the biggest form of flattery. With that said, here is the band’s latest video for the single “Yoshu Fukushu” off the album baring the same name.  Go get your Japan on.


What do you guys think of Maximum The Hormone? A bit too “out there”, or oddly refreshing? Let me know in the comments!!


90’s Alternative Rock Totes Didn’t Die In The 90’s

This thing totally did though. RIP Game Gear.

Remember when you could surf through MySpace and find all kinds of new-to-you bands? I always got a thrill of digging through pages and pages of shitty groups to finally stumble upon a handful of true gems. That isn’t so easy to do anymore in my opinion. Sure, you can read metal blogs and hope they write about something you’re unaware of, but at the end of the day it’s about the thrill of the hunt, right?

Well I had one of those old school moments this morning whilst sifting through press releases. The always fantastic Satyricon have recently released a video for the song “Phoenix” off of their latest self-titled album.  First of all, the song is catchy as FUCK. Seriously it’s been in my head since 6:30 this morning. Second, Satyr is NOT singing vocals on this track! This dude named Sivert Høyem of the band Madruguda takes the lead reigns and holy hell does he kill it, horror movie style. Take a listen:

Think Chris Issac and Colin Hay meets David Grey encompassed by darkness with a total 90’s feel. That’s Madruguda. Not metal, but done in keys that are wonderfully dark and doomy. Unfortunately, the band split up in 2008 after embarking on a final tour. No word if they plan on getting back together, as their official website hasn’t been updated in nearly 4 years. However, they have a large enough discography to keep you entertained, and who knows? Maybe more collaborations are in the works for singer Sivert Høyem! In the meantime, go grab some of their albums on iTunes and check out the video below!

What are your favorite musical discoveries from the interwebs? Any particularly terrible ones that stick out in your mind?? Let me know in the comments below! And don’t forget to follow me on Twitter (@GiantFag) for all things random and entertaining. 


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