maddog mcgraw

DJ Dos Lopez – Salsa Mix Featuring Maddog McrGraw & Bruiz

-What type of music?
-When did you first start?
Started writing as a teenager, started recording 10 years ago, started taking it seriously 5 years ago.
-Why did you decide to start it?
It was an outlet to express myself and the love that I have for the artform.
-Are you a solo Artist or part of group?
-What name do you go by?
Maddog Mcgraw
-How did you come up with the name?
I got the name Maddog from a cousin, I added the mcgraw once I started recording.
-Who do you like to collaborate with?
Anyone who is serious about preserving the integrity oF the hiphop culture.
-Where do you play?
I record in my hometown of Lansing, Michigan
-When are your upcoming shows?
April 14th at the bullfrog on telegraph in Detroit, Michigan

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