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Light up Detroit in 2014 5-7pm Fridays with 5xl Large and In Charge

If your streetlights are out call the Detroit Lighting Department and ask for Marie Brown at 313 267 8140 and your information will be recorded and your lights will be repaired.

If you support Medical Marijuana in Detroit, then register to vote  and Elect Mark Totten for Attorney General in November. Our police department shall not be used against the will of the people.  The Detroit Police have a lot more serious issues to deal with than chasing someone down for a joint.  We support their effort to stop serious crime and keeping the neighborhoods safe for the public good.  The current Attorney General in Lansing does not support Marijuana and will harass anyone who supports it.  Detroit Police for Detroit Residents well being will make the people sing.

We smoke, We vote and the WeedMan suggest you do the same.  Power at the ballot box is the only hope we have left.

Call us at  313 429 0801 on the air  and talk with Jim “The Hulk” Davis,  T-Money Green and, The Weed Man

Fridays from 5-7pm



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