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Kevin Razlog

Tiny & Plankman Show 04/26/15



Tonights show was AWESOME! Started off with a special song for Tiny while he’s in the hospital & also sent it out to our friends Brando Calrissian & Kat Tyner Kozlowski who are in hospital dealing with health issues. Then, Razlog & I talked about last nights show at The Foundry in Jackson & also found out that stepping in for Tiny tonight was none other then DMA award winner Volcano. Also had Rachel May from The Hard Edge Radio Show stop in to wish Tiny well & of course we interviewed Steve & Will from Fathom City along with drummer Johnny via phone. Now what I’m about to say is all my opinion. Tonight I could feel a great vibe & energy for this show. There really was something special tonight. The love & support you guys showed for Tiny tonight was very much appreciated. I can’t personally thank you guys enough. To end the show we were given the first listen to Volcanoes new song & if you missed it download the podcast NOW! You’re ears will thank me later.

Thank you guys so much for tonight I really needed that.

Thanks Volcano,Kevin “Raz” Razlog,Will May,Steve Lupinski & of course the lovely & talented Rachel May.

You guys are the best.

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Tiny & Plankman Show 4-19-15

Had our interview with Darling Down from their event in Hillsdale,Michigan for the premier of their video & also had our friend Desmond Duke in to talk about him & Kris’ event at The Foundry in Jackson. Played some awesome local & independent artists & more.

If you missed it check out the podcast anytime.

Thanks again. Sorry for the late post.



The Tinyless Plankman Show 03/29/15



We played All Female fronted bands & even interviewed a band from Tennesse called Roses Unread to discuss their music,upcoming album & tour dates. Razlog needed to vent about the “local music scene”. We played local bands such as Harlow,Through our eyes & Shotgun Soul. We played mostly music suggested by you the awesome listener. We also asked the question of where do you listen to us(what state or Country)? We are always looking for you’re feedback to help better the show. If there’s anything you want us to play feel free to email:

Next Sunday we interview the band Lawless Hearts out of Jacksonville,Florida. Gonna be fun as always.

Thanks for tuning in & as always Dan Mark got the last word…….. Well. The Last song


The Plankman & Plankman Show 03/22/15


I had special guests in studio Sunday Chuck & Karen & Chet & April (Celebrate Chucks Birthday) & give some moral support along with bring back an OLD segment to The TnP show “April in The D”. We discussed local music along with that we debuted NOT 1 but 2 new songs from 2 bands. 1 was from a band Lancaster,PA called From Ashes To New with their song “Downfall”. The Other band Kevin Razlog brought us to check out was Event Horizon with their tune “From The Sun”. If you have a opinion on either of these bands feel free to go to their FB pages & let them know. If there’s any music you’d like to hear on The TnP show feel free to let me know. I’m doing everything I can to make the show better for you the listener. I appreciate you’re opinion.

We played forgotten 80’s tunes that were suggested by you the people. I played Seduce & DC Drive to start off the show . Favorites of The TnP show that’s for sure. We played a lot of stuff that never really got airplay on “regular” radio. If you missed out make sure you click the player below & listen to the podcast.

Thank you guys for hanging in there with me.

Hope you enjoy the show as much as I enjoyed playing some cool tunes.




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