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Howie D. from Hard Edge Radio recently had a chat with front man Mikey Carvajal from the band Islander. They discussed several topics including how they got the attention of Victory Records from a Facebook message, how they consider themselves just a rock-n-roll band, Mikey’s involvement in The Whosoever’s and more.


Islander was signed to Victory Records at the end of 2013 and have been out supporting their new full length CD, Violence and Destruction. They are currently on the road with Papa Roach, Seether and Kyng and will be heading out with Red starting February 24th. This band has been getting some major attention since they signed their record deal. I expect to see them continue to rise and keep gaining fans as the year goes on. Please click below the hear the interview with Mikey from Islander.


The interview with Mikey Carvajal from Islander:



Violence and Destruction, the latest CD from Islander:















Islander online:





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