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DJ Dos Lopez – Dope Rhyme Villanz & Old School Hip Hop Mix

Sharing the stage with some very talented musicians! 🎢 Come out and show us love! 🎢🍍🐺😎 πŸ‘β˜‡πŸŒŸ

Dope Rhyme Villainz
Spit Spot
Eddie Logix & GoldZilla Snacks


DJ Dos Lopez – w/ Special Guests Thick As Thieves



DJ DosLopez – Dubstep Mix featuring BlackMoore


-What type of music?
Space Music. I dip into trip hop, psychedelic hip hop, glitchy experimental goodies, and Industrial.

-When did you first start?
I wrote my first song in 2nd grade, recorded my first mixtape when I was 16.

-Why did you decide to start it?
I’ve always been into creating music and hearing my own voice, so it’s pretty natural for me.

-Are you a solo Artist or part of group?

-What name do you go by?
Craig Blackmoore

-How did you come up with the name?
It kind of just came to me.

-Who do you like to collaborate with?
I like collaborating with out of the box people, predominantly female, but I’m open to anyone creative.

-Where do you play?
I like to play in weird unconventional locations and periodically the Tangent Gallery.

-When are your upcoming shows?
Who knows.

TapDetroit 2017 Movement Marathon

Tune in all weekend to hear some of Detroit’s best DJ’s spinning all weekend long.
Not downtown? Hear Detroit anywhere outside of Detroit!
All weekend long on TapDetroit.
Starting: 5-26-2017 @ 7:00pm EST
Ending: 5-29-2017 @ 10:00pm EST

DJ Dos Lopez
DJ Mel Wonder
DJ Prezident
DJ Wheelz Wheelz
DJ Fuzzy Wuzzy

Medical Mondays 08/22/16

Big shout out to Bang Belushi, King Gordy, Foul Mouth, Jimbo Slice, Buddha and Wheelz Wheelz for stopping in for an awesome interview. Goto https://bangbelushixkinggordy.bandcamp.com/album/herojuana and download Bang Belushi and King Gordy’s new Project Herojuana produced By Foul Mouth!!! It was dope to sit down and be able to chop it up with these guys.

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