The Plankman Show 1-31-19

We had a SURPRISE Special guest that even I was unaware of. Ted brought friend & former band mate Chiaki Maeda on the show & we talked about their old band days. We started the show off with 3 Phase. Then we had NEW music from 75 days of sun along with Tomorrow The World,The Tiddies & Wayland.  Then we also played music from Megadeth,Kingoftheill & Hellyeah! We ended the show with music from Ray Street Park,Reject The Silence,Underland, Harlow& Dying For A Living who are playing The Token on February 9th.

Anything I left out can be heard by clicking the player below.

P.S. No band members were injured during this show.








The Plankman Show 01-17-19

The first show of the new year? I think. Anyways we started the show off with music from Dispositions,Circle of Execution & Xerosun. We also talked A LOT about upper Michigan or as we refer to it (The U.P.). Hell we practically made a promo for The U.P. Then we paid tribute to the greatest person in the local music scene Dan “The Man”, “Superfan” Mark. We played a”Dan segment” with music from Eva Under Fire, Harlow,Dying for a Living & Reject The Silence. All for Dan. Then we ended the show with some good old Beatles tunes. If I missed anything you can hear what I forgot by clicking the player below. DON’T FORGET! We are now on Da Youtube,SoundCloud & now Podbean along with here. Many ways for you to listen at your leisure.

Thanks a million,

Plankey & Ted









The Tinyless Plankman Show 03/29/15



We played All Female fronted bands & even interviewed a band from Tennesse called Roses Unread to discuss their music,upcoming album & tour dates. Razlog needed to vent about the “local music scene”. We played local bands such as Harlow,Through our eyes & Shotgun Soul. We played mostly music suggested by you the awesome listener. We also asked the question of where do you listen to us(what state or Country)? We are always looking for you’re feedback to help better the show. If there’s anything you want us to play feel free to email: plankey@tapdetroit.com

Next Sunday we interview the band Lawless Hearts out of Jacksonville,Florida. Gonna be fun as always.

Thanks for tuning in & as always Dan Mark got the last word…….. Well. The Last song anyways.lol


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