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George Cushinberry

Cannabis with Q! 5XL Radio 05/26/17

On todays show we will discuss the upcoming City of Detroit and State of Michigan Marijuana petition drives to reform the draconian laws in effect.  With music from T-Money Green this should be an informative event.

Speical Guest Anqunette Jamison and husband Richard will grace our studio with their presence. She will talk about MS and Cannabis.

Call in at 313 429-0801 from 5pm to 7pm and ask questions and we hope we have the answers too.


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The Progrim 01/14/14


Tap Detroit caught up in the latest city council scandal? How being a juggalo can get you thrown in federal prison. Is Teen Mom an effective form of birth control? Disney Princess Underwear: proof the Japanese are weird.  Subscribe to us on iTunes or find us on your cellular device via Stitcher.

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