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Should Pot be used to fund Public Pensions? Cast your Vote Today for Yea or Nay.

Take the  poll at the top of this blog (click here to vote) to cast your vote for funding Pension programs with Pot.


Todays plan of adjustment will be smooth sativa with a touch of indica..

Music by  T-Money Green,  Sports and Electronic Football with Jim “The Hulk” Davis


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Happy New Year from 5XL Large and in Charge / 1st show of 2014

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Colorado Rocky Mountain High live in Detroit?     The Path out of Bankruptcy starts now with a new City Council and Mayor.  With the legalization effort in Colorado, can Michigan do better?    Will people of color finally benefit from the legalization movement that is sweeping the country?

On air Evaluation/Bud Report of  a Strain of the Week brought to you by the Purple Bud Club.

Electronic Football News from Jim “The Hulk” Davis, legendary E.F.L. coach.

Who should the Lions select for a new coach?   Lovie Smith,  John Gruden,  Jim “The Hulk” Davis?

Music and entertainment from legendary Bass master Edward “T-Money” Green.

Sponsored by Grannys-Panties sativa based Medical Marijuana

Todays Show on TapDetroit 12/13/13 @ 5pm-7pm EST

5XL Large and In Charge Radio Show live.

Electronic Football News  with Jim “The Hulk” Davis

TMoney Green  and Weed Man  Bass players in Hamtramck project…

George Cushingberry Jr. For City Council President of Detroit Exploratory Committee Fundraiser.   Why George?   Call in at 313 429 0801

Latest News from Lansing about the liberation of  Cannabis in the City of Detroit. New legislation will make dispensaries legal, while you still can’t medicate on Belle Isle according to State Law.

Bong Hits for Alabama State, Michigan State, Auburn, Mumford HS, Detroit, Reggie Barlow, Dan Solano, et al..

Burn one at the Equinox   🙂






5XL Large and In Charge

Should pot be taxed to save Detroit Pensions and the City of Detroit?

Should George Cushingberry Jr. run for Detroit City Council President?

Can we repeal the Marijuana Transport Law in 2014?

Call in at 313  429 0801   Fridays from 5pm-7pm


Electronic Football News and Music from Jim “The Hulk” Davis, T-Money Green and,  Richard The Weed Man Clement



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