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Hard Edge Radio 01/23/2014


Thursday January 23rd on Hard Edge Radio. They talked to lead singer Austin Held from Girl On Fire and members of local metal band Revenant stopped by the studio. Hard Edge Radio airs live every Thursday night from 8-10pm EST on

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If your streetlights are out call the Detroit Lighting Department and ask for Marie Brown at 313 267 8140 and your information will be recorded and your lights will be repaired.

If you support Medical Marijuana in Detroit, then register to vote  and Elect Mark Totten for Attorney General in November. Our police department shall not be used against the will of the people.  The Detroit Police have a lot more serious issues to deal with than chasing someone down for a joint.  We support their effort to stop serious crime and keeping the neighborhoods safe for the public good.  The current Attorney General in Lansing does not support Marijuana and will harass anyone who supports it.  Detroit Police for Detroit Residents well being will make the people sing.

We smoke, We vote and the WeedMan suggest you do the same.  Power at the ballot box is the only hope we have left.

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Flashclash Radio 12/19/13

Todays Show on TapDetroit 12/13/13 @ 5pm-7pm EST

5XL Large and In Charge Radio Show live.

Electronic Football News  with Jim “The Hulk” Davis

TMoney Green  and Weed Man  Bass players in Hamtramck project…

George Cushingberry Jr. For City Council President of Detroit Exploratory Committee Fundraiser.   Why George?   Call in at 313 429 0801

Latest News from Lansing about the liberation of  Cannabis in the City of Detroit. New legislation will make dispensaries legal, while you still can’t medicate on Belle Isle according to State Law.

Bong Hits for Alabama State, Michigan State, Auburn, Mumford HS, Detroit, Reggie Barlow, Dan Solano, et al..

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5XL Large and In Charge

Should pot be taxed to save Detroit Pensions and the City of Detroit?

Should George Cushingberry Jr. run for Detroit City Council President?

Can we repeal the Marijuana Transport Law in 2014?

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Electronic Football News and Music from Jim “The Hulk” Davis, T-Money Green and,  Richard The Weed Man Clement



Metal-heads, Can We Learn To Give A Sh*t About Detroit?

I’m sure by now most of you have seen the Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown episode that aired on Sunday evening, focusing on Detroit and er, its short-comings. (If not, you can view a collection of clips from the episode here.)  We all know the reasons Detroit is in the position that it is, but rarely is the public given a reason to look at it from another perspective. I’m not sure if Bourdain was able to do that, and I’m not sure if I can either, but I’m giving it a shot in a small series on Here’s an excerpt from PART 1:

It’s easy for anyone not living here to blurt out harsh statements which are blown flamboyantly out of proportion.  Just remember:  what has become something easy to mock is a million times harder to defend. If the main stream media reported even half of the truth about Detroit, people might want to come and visit for more than just gratuitous post-apocalyptic city tours. And hey, maybe if some of you metal bloggers and radio personalities removed your heads from your assholes you would see that defending Detroit is a lot like defending metal: constantly correcting its bad wrap because of its misrepresentation.

You can read Part 1 in its entirety right here. Next weeks installment will focus on Detroit musicians and my theory as to why art in Detroit is unlike anywhere else. What do you think? Is Orion beneficial to the city? Do you think the metal community can start looking at Detroit in a different light? Post in the comments below!



Tap Top Ten 06/09/13

Tap Top Ten 06/09/13

1. Shock Wave – Bullet Train (D)
2. Chrome Mollie – Free Me (1)
3. Bulletproof Snow – This Emptiness (2)
4. Mary Jane’s Pride – Pine Box Letter (4)
5. Shudder – Change (6)
6. My Perfect Nightmare – Break Me (7)
7. Like A Storm – Love the way You Hate Me – (D, B)
8. Sick Smile – Status Update (5)
9. Dryvel – Fury of a Paitent Man (D)
10. Chaos Rains – Nursing the Pain – (D)

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