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TapDetroit 2017 Movement Marathon

Tune in all weekend to hear some of Detroit’s best DJ’s spinning all weekend long.
Not downtown? Hear Detroit anywhere outside of Detroit!
All weekend long on TapDetroit.
Starting: 5-26-2017 @ 7:00pm EST
Ending: 5-29-2017 @ 10:00pm EST

DJ Dos Lopez
DJ Mel Wonder
DJ Prezident
DJ Wheelz Wheelz
DJ Fuzzy Wuzzy

5XL Radio 05/19/17 Jeff Sessions is On The Wrong Side of History

Join the Weed Warrior and Award Winning Bass Master T-Money Green on Detroit’s Dankest Internet Radio Station from 5pm to 7pm today.   We will celebrate the Coalition To regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol for their victory in getting language approved for the November 2018 ballot.  Jeff Sessions will do better on a box of Keebler Cookies selling chocolate Chip Cookies that fight the weed.  Now it’s time to Free The Weed locally and statewide for the jobs, schools, and rec centers we need.

Bong Hits for Tim Beck?    Engineered by Olin Ezra, engineeer extrodinaire..

Call in at 313 429-0801 or chat with us via Facebook Live Stream

The First Drive Through Weed Shop in America! Colorado?


On today’s show we will discuss repealing Detroit’s current marijuana ordinance and, replacing it to allow drive through service.  Over $200 million dollars in revenue generated from weed sales and the only person complaining in the town is a local pastor worried about the kids.   That is so cool to worry about the children because it is time to quit lying to them.  When 9 year old girl can use a smartphone to create an Instagram account  and, hire a lawyer to protect their rights to not give out the password, it is time to get real about this children and weed thing.

First Drive Through Pot Shop in America?  Detroit is getting robbed again by outside interests and the conflict between church and state.

DetroitOrdinanceRepeal2017  Download and print this PDF document on legal sized paper in portrait format.

Music News by Bass Master T-Money Green

Engineered by Olin Ezra   Call in Number is 3134290801



Repeal and Replace Detroit’s Marijuana Ordinance

Today’s show will give the latest news on Medical Marijuana in the City of Detroit.

Will the people get a voice in redesigning the new ordinance.

Music History with Grammy Award Winning Bassist T-Money Green

Alternative Fuel initiative with cities in Michigan by law requiring all public owned vehicles be required to run from alternative energy like industrial hemp.

Special guests call ins .     Call #313 429 0801

DJ Do$ Lopez – Sunset Trap Mix



The Week In Weed – Detroit Ordinances / Ohio defeat is a Victory for Michigan


Today’s show will address the Detroit Marijuana Ordinance that was brought before City Planning Commission.

  1. Are these complaints manufactured by people who want to “corner the market on weed”?
  2. Reefer madness lives in Detroit.  Meet the new “crook” working for the City identified by evangelicals who hate weed and, Councilmember Pro Tem George Cushingberry Jr.
  3. Will busting blight with bud aid in the turnaround of the City of Detroit. Empty storefronts turned into palaces for pot re-defining building reuse in the  City.
  4. We will also address the defeat of the legalization in Ohio by a 2-1 margin, By the people saying NO sends a strong message to the Paul Welday, Tim Beck  legalization effort because it is the same model that they are pushing
  5. Should Mr. Kilpatrick’s federal conviction be converted to call in at-home probation for 2 years and the people in Flint who poisoned the water with lead take his place in the federal jail?

Music funk provided by the legendary Edward T-Money Green

Strain of the week, Death Star and Rose OG.

Call in Number: 313 429 0801   –  Canna Business Owners welcome to advertise on our station.

Engineered by Olin Ezra

Detroit’s Dankest Internet Radio Station..


What passed as an “ordinance”

The City Planning Commissioners voted 4 to 3 in favor of recommending that City Council adopt Councilmember James Tate’s Chapter 61 – Zoning of Medical Marijuana Caregiver Centers with a few changes to the proposed ordinance.

1. Reducing the radius footage and spacing between other controlled uses, and medical marijuana centers from 2,000 ft to 1,000 ft

2. Maintaining the 1000ft restrictions of medical marijuana caregivers centers being near religious institutions Application for a Religious Institution.

3. Adopting ALL of the definitions of the Drug Free Zone federal regulations which means not just Detroit Public Schools, but includes PRIVATE AND PUBLIC ACADEMIES AS WELL. In addition, the expanded definition of the federal government includes libraries, parks, daycare centers, playgrounds, etc.

4.RESTRICTING and limiting the access to Major Thoroughfares and Overlays

5. Requiring Parking spacing be included (Parking defined by the square footage of the building determining the number of spaces needed)

6. Limiting WAIVERS TO BSEE ONLY! No going to BZA!!!!! And, BSEE can only make an exception up to 10%

7. Removing M4 and M5 as places for medical marijuana caregiver centers

Medical Mondays 10/26/15


On this weeks show, Jezter stops by to bring us Ghost Train Haze, our Halloween-themed Strain of the Week. Ron Ganjalizer brings in Britney of the Ganjalizer Girls to give away tickets to the Great Lakes Canna Expo on Nov 6-8th at Bert’s Warehouse.

Medical Mondays 10/19/15


This week Nick Zettell of MiLegalize and Ron Ganjalizer of the Great Lakes Canna Expo joined Berg, Dos Lopez and I for riveting convo on recent marijuana buzz!


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