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Should Public Employee Pensions be Funded By Weed?

weedleaf1Public Employees and Citizens can call in at 313 429 0801 @ 5:20 pm EDT and talk about it on Detroit’s Dankest Internet Radio Station

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Build a Bridge With Bud? Yes We Cannabis?

Is weed what you need, indeed? Welcome Roostertail Guests

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The Hobby Lobby Decision:Religous Freedom Restoration Act and Civil Rights

BobMarleyRecently the US Supreme Court issued a decision in favor of Hobby Lobby to op-out of paying for contraceptives because of their beliefs under the clauses of Religious Freedom Act.

The ruling will have different effects on different religions and their beliefs. Rastafarian worshipers use cannabis as a part of their sacrament, or rite of passage.  It can also be considered a civil right too.


The Hobby Lobby decision has a profound effect on the practice and, the argument has prevailed in US Court of Appeals Ninth Circuit (00-71247 – May 28, 2002).

People of Guam v Benny Toves GUERRERO (Click Here to Read the Case)

Call in and talk to the 5xl staff at (313) 429-0801 regarding the impact of the decision on every day life.

Today at 5pm – on Detroit’s Dankest Internet Radio Station

T-Money Green on Detroit’s Music Scene

Call in number is 313 429 0801


Medical Mondays 02/16/15


Medical Mondays #25 – Presidents Day, February 16th, 2015

Tonight we welcomed Adam L Brook, Director of Hash Bash in Ann Arbor and Detroit Cannabis Liberation Day held Downtown in Grand Circus Park. We also had the very talented local garegiver, known as ‘P-Nut’ in the studio and he brought us some tasty treats.

We had some laughs at my expense, as usual, and I covered some news, while Adam provided a very unique perspective on basically everything I said, and I loved it!

Our Strains of the Week were: Fortune Cookie (8/10) and White Super Skunk (10/10)

We’d like to thank Organic Options O2 in Warren for the Fortune Cookie. Check them out on Leafly









How Detroit Are You? State your case with the 5XL Crew

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I am so Detroit that I called a meal at the Kresgee on 7 mile and Livernois a privilege!  Call in and state your case at 313 429-0801 or post on our FB page

Detroit Weekend with Mustang Gathering Saturday July 19, 2014 at the Mumford HS Football field  12-4.

8 Mile Old School at Johnson Center  1pm

Electronic Football and Fitness with Vet Ann and Jim the Hulk..

Music with Bass and Fitness with Vet Ann and T-Money Green




This Week in Weed with the Weed Warrior

Bills to authorize Medical Marijuana dispensaries pass out of committee for a full vote by the Entire Michigan Senate.

Take your Blunt to the Ballot Box!

Early Voting at Wayne County Community College 420 Slate of Candidates for Office

Progress of City of Detroit Medical Marijuana provisioning centers.

Busted on Belle Isle?   Call Attorney Michael Kormorn

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Should Pot be used to fund Public Pensions? Cast your Vote Today for Yea or Nay.

Take the  poll at the top of this blog (click here to vote) to cast your vote for funding Pension programs with Pot.


Todays plan of adjustment will be smooth sativa with a touch of indica..

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Colorado Rock Mountain High vs. The Medicine of Michigan…

Cali Cannabis vs. Motor City Monster Bud…

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Happy New Year from 5XL Large and in Charge / 1st show of 2014

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Colorado Rocky Mountain High live in Detroit?     The Path out of Bankruptcy starts now with a new City Council and Mayor.  With the legalization effort in Colorado, can Michigan do better?    Will people of color finally benefit from the legalization movement that is sweeping the country?

On air Evaluation/Bud Report of  a Strain of the Week brought to you by the Purple Bud Club.

Electronic Football News from Jim “The Hulk” Davis, legendary E.F.L. coach.

Who should the Lions select for a new coach?   Lovie Smith,  John Gruden,  Jim “The Hulk” Davis?

Music and entertainment from legendary Bass master Edward “T-Money” Green.

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