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Snowbunnie is back with Sundaze and check out her guests..


This weeks show with Snowbunnie on Snowbunnie Sundaze is going to be HOT… ]ON FIRE HOT. Check out the guests lined up.

First off we have the talented Mandy Baby On Fire joining Snowbunnie on for Snowbunnie Sundaze!! Mandy Baby On Fire *MBOF is one of the most talented female music entertainers in Detroit!! Tune in to find out what is coming up and where she is going to be performing at soon.



We also have Sydney Krey another amazing talented and loved entertainer from Detroit, joining Snowbunnie.. talking about an upcoming event this month. You can find Sydney on her facebook page at—-> ¬† joining us…

Both of the Lovely entertainers will be at the Play House soon along with Kelley Jean. You will need to tune in to find out the exact date and time.

Your host Snowbunnie will be live this Sunday on from 5 til 7pm with your engineer Olin Ezra doing what they do every week…supporting Detroit Talent.

You will be able to call in during the show and talk to the special guests and snowbunnie throughout the show.. make sure you shout out #Snowjobs for everyone!!!



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