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The Hard Edge

Hard Edge Radio hits the masses every Thursday night from 8-10pm, exclusively on Join your host: Howie D and his co-host Rachel May for your weekly fill of local happenings, hot new bands and music, upcoming must see events, stories in the news, featured special guests and so much more. Howie and Rachel are both heavily involved in the local scene and have cared about it deeply for many years. They share a deep and loyal passion for the local music scene and they feel that NOW is the time to get more involved and help it get back on track and blast forward into the future. This radio show aims to spotlight the happenings both locally and nationally, help those artists that are doing good now, give some exposure to some of the hot new up and comers to help them get going and to help the metro Detroit music scene flourish and be the best that it can be. Get ready metro Detroit….It’s time you heard THE HARD EDGE !!