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The Plankman Show 04/27/17

Volcano Underground Radio 04/26/17

DJ Dos Lopez – Electric House Mix

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The Plankman Show 04/20/17

Medical Mondays 04/24/17

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The First Drive Through Weed Shop in America! Colorado?


On today’s show we will discuss repealing Detroit’s current marijuana ordinance and, replacing it to allow drive through service.  Over $200 million dollars in revenue generated from weed sales and the only person complaining in the town is a local pastor worried about the kids.   That is so cool to worry about the children because it is time to quit lying to them.  When 9 year old girl can use a smartphone to create an Instagram account  and, hire a lawyer to protect their rights to not give out the password, it is time to get real about this children and weed thing.

First Drive Through Pot Shop in America?  Detroit is getting robbed again by outside interests and the conflict between church and state.

DetroitOrdinanceRepeal2017  Download and print this PDF document on legal sized paper in portrait format.

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Volcano Underground Radio 04/19/17

DJ Dos Lopez – Drum & Bass Mix

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Ask The Intern 04/18/17

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