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Bong Hit For Alabama! Elect Doug Jones – US Senate Alabama – Tuesday Dec 12th

On Today’s Show with T-Money Green and Richard “Free The Weed” Clement..  The benefits of electing Doug Jones because he supports decriminalization of Marijuana in the State of Alabama.  Will there be Purple Bulldog Bud or Skegee Gold coming to your town? Will the Weed for Reed to Create the Jobs We Need Endowment for Cannabis Research come to reality?

Will Cannabis become the NEW Tuskegee Experiment for pain management?   Will the City of Detroit Opting Into the Marijuana Ordinance benefit or hurt the city?  Will the vote of the people be respected by the elected leadership of the City of Detroit?    Tune in at 5pm today and listen to our podcast on Detroit’s Dankest Internet Radio Station.  With Olin Ezra behind the board engineered to perfection.  Call in Number is 313 429 0801



Let the Weed Be Free from Ottawa to Montgomery… then to Washington D.C.



5XL Radio 11/24/17


Volcano Underground Radio 11/22/17

DJ Dos Lopez – DnB Mix featuring NghtRyder


Detroit Riot 11/21/17

Detroit Riot
Hosted By: Chris Dellas & Melanie Jackson

1. Galliano – Jus Reac…
2. Niam Gallagher – I Get By
3. Dope Rhyme Villainz – Addict
4. Bill Grogan’s Goat – The Devils Trumpet

5. The Triumphs – Burnt Biscuits
6. Prince Conley – I’m Going Home
7. The Temptations – Oh, Mother of Mine
8. Ray Charles – What’d I Say
9. Spoonful – Howlin’ Wolf
10. James Brown – I’ll Go Crazy

11. Bobby Peterson Quintent – Mama Get your Hammer
12. Dave Baby Cortez – Hurricane
13. Piney Brown & The Blues Toppers – Sugar In My Tea
14. Bo Diddley – Pretty Thing
15. Jimmy Reed – Big Boss

16. Humble Pie – I Don’t Need No Doctor
17. Etta James – I Just Want To Make Love To You
18. Ray Charles – At The Club
19. Cachorro Grande – Voce Nao Sabe o que Perdeu
20. Casbah Club – Any Way She Moves

21. New Street Adventure – The Big A.C.
22. The Seahorses – Love Is The Law
23. Shed Seven – Going For Gold
24. Ocean Colour Scene – The Day We Caught The Train

Medical Mondays 11/20/17

Plankmans House of Blues 11/19/17

The Plankman Show 11/17/17

We played a ton of music cause Ted was MIA. Dan took over Teds segment at the end of the show.

Anything else can be heard by clicking play below.

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Volcano Underground Radio 11/15/17

DJ Dos Lopez – Jpop Anime Theme Mix

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