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Medical Mondays 07/10/17

Medical Mondays Vet Sesh 07/11/17

Shay from District 2 – Fitzgerald Neighborhood Activist live at 5:30pm

Shay from District 2 

On today’s show, Shay from the Fitzgerald Neighborhood will question the Weed Warrior and Host T-Money Green on progress and concerns in the neighborhood.  The project is part of taking back our neighborhood for the common good of everyone.  On Nov 7th, Marijuana issues will be on the ballot to reform the current Detroit Marijuana ordinance. Removal of Parks, and Liquor stores highlight most significant changes along with reducing the distance from Churches to 500 feet.   The religious institution must meet all legal requirements to be recognized as a house of worship by the City of Detroit and Wayne County Treasurer. The new ordinance will allow the City of Detroit to generate at least $1.5 million dollars in revenue from sales. Music provided by The Bass Master of Detroit, Edward T-Money Green.    Engineered by the one and only Olin Ezra….  (313) 429-0801


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Volcano Underground Radio 07/05/17

DJ Dos Lopez – Dirty Twerk Mix featuring Baby Boi Tone Songs

Medical Mondays 07/03/17

Medical Mondays Vet Sesh 07/04/17

5XL Radio 06/30/17

The Plankman Show 06/29/17

If you missed our AWESOME show with Josh & Darcy from Day One you missed a lot! No worries though click the play button below & hear what you missed. We also Debuted Mark Slaughters new tune “Hey you” along with a bunch of Canadian bands. Also gave you a little top secret information that I hadn’t shared with anyone. LISTEN ALREADY! Stop reading this. Dan Mark has the transcripts. LISTEN!

Thanks again to Josh & Darcy Day & Shauna O’Donnell for getting us the NEW Mark Slaughter music.





Volcano Underground Radio 06/28/17

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