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DJ Dos Lopez featuring Chris Tha Cat & LeLe Xo

What type of music? Experimental bass
When did you first start? 2013
Why did you decide to start it? 2012
Are you a solo Artist or part of group? Solo with lots of homies who produce!
What name do you go by?  Chris Tha Cat
How did you come up with the name? Friends in high school used to call me cat and my name is chris
Who do you like to collaborate with? All of my friends of course and other dope artists
Where do you play? All over Michigan and soon to be U.S.
When are your upcoming shows
Jan. 7th Turn up on Woodward
Jan. 21st Dub Down: Oolacile & Tempest

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Social Media:

5XL Radio 01/20/17

Detroit’s Back 01/20/17

The Plankman Show 01/20/17

If you missed last weeks special download the podcast & hear what you missed.

Also played NEW music from LIV SIN. Check her out.

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Free the Drug Free Zones / Trump Care and Weed

 Today’s show will discuss the Repeal and Replacing of the Detroit Marijuana Ordinance with a people driven Ordinance designed and voted on by the people.

On October 1st, 2017  Michigan Firefighters will benefit from the proceeds of Marijuana sales. How do we regulate the plant?  Will Trump Care Cover Cannabis for PTSD?

Shall we have an Ordinance to Donate Confiscated Cannabis instead of Incinerating it?

Tune into Detroit’s Dankest Internet Radio Station at 5pm today on and Facebook live..

Call in # 3134290801

With Music History by Detroit Bass Master Edward T-Money Green..

Engineered by Olin Ezra

Infinite Detroit 01/17/17


Medical Mondays 01/16/17



5XL Radio 01/13/17

The Plankman Show 01/12/17

It was Volcano appreciation day on

If you missed the show click the player below & hear what you missed.

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Blight Removal and PTSD Treatment with Weed… Today at 5pm

On Detroit’s Dankest internet radio station with music from the library of Detroit Bass Master Edward “T-Money” Green and Detroit Public School  Alumnus….


The Status of Marijuana Businesses in Detroit

State Law Changes

Winans and Weed

Weed working With My man Bishop Winans.


Ranking the Dank in Detroit.

Guest call in is 313 429 0801

Livestream on Facebook… periscope…

with Olin Ezra..

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