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DJ Dos Lopez – Disney Musical Mix featuring Sarah Hall

☆What type of music? I am a classically trained opera singer, and I also write electro-pop songs. 
☆When did you first start? I was a musician since childhood and started writing songs on the piano at age 8. I started my classical vocal training at age 14 and continued this through undergraduate and graduate school. 
☆Why did you decide to start it? I always loved music and artistic expression. I got into singing because I wanted to be a broadway performer when I was in my early teens. My singing was a big support to my adventures in theatre.
☆Are you a solo Artist or part of group? Solo
☆What name do you go by? Sarah Hall
☆How did you come up with the name? I experimented with many stage name but in the end my real name felt like it was the most authentic and least limiting as to the kinda of music I wanted to explore. I like to play in many genres!
☆Who do you like to collaborate with? My boyfriend, Jesse Fox- cellist, percussionist, composer and producer. Also recently collaborated with sun eagle, a psychedelic jam band. I’m the past I have lent my vocals to many bands spanning from folk to death metal.
☆Where do you play? Mostly at home! I also occasionally sing at nonsense night at the tangent gallery in Detroit. 
☆When are your upcoming shows? None so far! 😊

Medical Mondays 06/05/17

Medical Mondays Vet Sesh 06/05/17

Tiger Woods and Weed? Yes Indeed! Detroit and StateWide Pettition Drive Information 5XL Radio 06/02/17

Question for the day,

Should Tiger Woods use Weed to be Freed from the pain he don’t need?

On Today’s Show  the dankest hosts will share information on where you can sign these petititons to modify the Detroit Marijuana Ordinance and Statewide petition drive to regulate Marijuana like Alcohol.


Music and field reports from T-Money Green.

2017 politics and Cannabis  and how we can manufacture with cannabis.

Call In at 313 429 0801




The Plankman Show – 06/01/17

Sorry for posting this SO late but heres last weeks show which we DEBUTED Griffin Tuckers “Believe it” and played a TON of Mr. Big & paid tribute to our friends Kastura. Anything I left out can be found simply by clicking play on the player below.

Thanks again for listening & your patience for waiting for the blog.






Volcano Underground Radio 05/31/17

DJ Dos Lopez – 2hr Dubstep Mix

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Mel Wonder – Old School Ladies Mix 05/26/17

Mel Wonder – Ghetto Tech 05/26/17

Mel Wonder – Electro Mix 05/26/17

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