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The Olin Ezra Show 06/06/13

Screen-Shot-2013-06-05-at-11.46.39-PMThis Past evening on the show, I had a rare solo show! Talked about the exciting changes coming and currently going on, on TapDetroit.com! Also discussed CIA & FBI Spying. I forgot to drop a link to the letters Congressman Markley wrote, and the responses they recieved. Just follow the link below. See you Sunday on The Tap Top Ten!

– Olin


FlashClash Radio 06/06/13


The Hard Edge 06/06/13


Volcano Underground Radio Episode 319






“I love the Power Glove…it’s sooo bad.”

Lucas Barton, The rich kid from “The Wizard”

“I wrote you 365 letters.  I wrote you everyday, for a year.”

Noah from that “Notebook” movie

“No you couldn’t call them the Naughty Twins.  They’re the Assfuck Twins.  Why would you call them the Naughty Twins when they get fucked in the ass all the time?”

Maxxx Orbison, Porn Director



So in our triumphant return to Tap Studio’s Sam and the 12 Pack crew celebrated and got drunk…wait.. we do that every week.  Except for last week.  We didn’t do a show.  Still got drunk though.  Funny how that works.  Early in the show we talked about how we spent our weeks with Sam winning the week (i didn’t know we were competing).  The man saw and met Alkaline Trio, then put on an anti-Hoedown at The Crimson and then went and saw The Swingin Udders.  I watched TV and ate cake.  Eh, I still think I win.

it’s been awhile and i can’t wrap my head around what I’m supposed to….


This week we highlighted the Reddit poster who posted (obviously) her break up letter to her cheating scum boyfriend…oh, and that bitch Kelsi.

Here is the note in it’s entirety.  If you want the full experience play the theme from the Nicholas Sparks hit movie “The Notebook” while you read.

Hey Honey!

Guess who left his Facebook open on the computer and got a message from Kelsi?  Yeah! You!  🙂  But don’t worry, I didn’t break anything.  Actually, I was nice enough to package your things!    And I even invented a neat game, since I know you like looking for things (like other girls).  Here’s where you’ll find your things.

Your clothes are at the 1st place we met

Your videogames are at the 1st place we kissed (12 Pack Note: he is never getting those back)

Your laptop is where we bought our 1st videogame together

Your TV is where we 1st went all the ay (12 Pack Note: is it..in her vagina?)

Everything else, including pictures of the last 2 years of our lives, is AT KELSI’S HOUSE!!!!

Have fun!  Oh, and while I didn’t break or damage anything.  I can’t guarantee that anyone else won’t find it!  Happy Hunting!!


Hands down this is the greatest achievement in dumping.  We did have a few follow ups because what if Kelsi is just some rando crazy lady who sent a couple of messages to this poor bastard.  That almost makes it better!


Well alot more happened this week but i’m not feeling particularly chatty today so i will leave you with the fact that we gave away 2 free tickets to the Baroness show for this Friday.  Yeah that should be an incentive to tune in next week when Sam gives away tickets to someplace called “Sammy Pants Island: A Throbbing Meat Adventure!”.  I wonder what that’s like?  Sign me up!


Oh wait I get it now…that’s gross Sam,

Poet Laureate James T Poling, MMA,BBW


The Olin Ezra Show 06/04/13

Last night on The Olin Ezra show, I sat down with the assistant editor & writer for The Huffington Post Detroit, David Sands. Great discussion ensues. This is the second half of the 2 hour show!

The Mike Parsons Progrim 06/04/13

Beauty & The Freaks? 06/04/13

Tune in to this weeks Beauty & The Freak. Why freak? It’s only Eric & Tiny, the rest of the cast didn’t make it but that didn’t stop them from delving deep into….

Top 5 Songs about Summer

Candice Von Porn Star of the Week

Fun with ACLU Statistics

And even more!

The Olin Ezra Show: Medical Monday’s “The Greatest Hoax Ever”

8623_387116551401178_1736009933_nGreat Show, featuring

Mayor Bloomberg on Medical Marijuana, Fun with statistical data & Critical thought failures and portrayers! Nearly 2 hours of OE goodness!


Zaldor’s World 06/03/13 Ingress Edition


Zaldor takes #ingress to the next level with his interactive ingress hour! Plan a raid ZAALDOR style! Mashups galore also. Don’t forget, this is Zaldor’s World, and you’re merely living in it!

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