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Jeff’s Album Review 07/28/13

In-Studio Guest
Crash Dollz

Brighton Riot 07/26/13


1.) Jimmy McGriff – “I’ve Got A Woman”

2.) The Jam – “Start!”

3.) The Small Faces – “Grow Your Own”

4.) The High Numbers – “I’m The Face”


1.) Elvis Presley – “Good Rockin’ Tonight”

2.) Chuck Berry – “Brown Eyed Handsome Man”

3.) Todd Rhodes Orchestra – “Rocket 69”

4.) Johnny Cash – “One Piece At A Time”


1.) The Creation – “Making Time”

2.) The Gaylets – “Lonely Feeling”

3.) Irma Thomas – “Time Is On My Side”

4.) Cookie Jackson – “Your Good Girl’s Gonna Go Bad”


1.) Joe Turner – “Shake Rattle & Roll”

2.) Gene Vincent – ” B-I-Bickey-Bi, Bo-Bo-Go”

3.) Eddie Cochran – “Something Else”

4.) Beatles – “Everyone’s Trying To Be My Baby”


1.) Paul Weller – “I Didn’t Mean To Hurt You”

2.) The Housemartins – “People get Ready”

3.) The Style Council – “The Cost Of Loving”

4.) Curtis Mayfield – “Little Child Running Wild”


1.) The Stray Cats –  “Rumble In Brighton”

2.) Robert Gordon – “Driving Wheel”

3.) Reverend Horton Heat – “Five-O-Ford”


1.) Demons – “Demons On Parade”

2.) Allstonians – “Alex Beam”

3.) Desmond Dekker – “Rudy Got Soul”

5.) The Specials – “Concrete Jungle”


3.) The Who – “Substitute”

4.) Duanne Eddy – “Rebel Rouser”


Nachtlich Industrial Internet Radio 07/26/13

Candle Nine – Nachtlich Intro
Angelspit – Rip My Heart Out (Dethcentrik remix)
loss – product of a poor self-esteem case two: drunk and delusional
Jäger 90 – Eure Mütter sind Väter
Human Error – Disconnect (with Impurfekt and Dyskhord)
Veil of Thorns – Class Mutation
Cryogenic Echelon – Pandora (Heartwire Remix)
VIRGINS O.R PIGEONS – Bleed to lead (I give up)
Front Line Assembly – Exhale
Voicecoil – Vision
Mental Discipline – God & Devil (Feat. Cold In May) (Ginger Snap5 Remix)
Front Line Assembly – Prototype
Interface – It Begins Today (Single Version)
Funker Vogt – Kill on Command
The Peoples Republic Of Europe – Painslut
Synapse – Memory
iVardensphere – Virus (Outbreak)
for all the emptiness – penance (dance mix by interface)
Your Bunny Rot – Live Now (Diverje Remix)
Your Bunny Rot – Error Injection (Cutoff:Sky Remix)
Sonik Foundry – Mind Twister (Machines On Blast Rmx)
Funker Vogt – The Firm
Comaduster – Hollow Worlds
MiXE1 – Lights Out
ESA – I Know Your Wounds
Nightmare Noise Machine – Slaying Demons
Skinny Puppy – solvent

Hard Edge Radio Show 07/25/13


Flashclash Radio 07/25/13

DJ preZident – Weekly Address – 07/25/13

Volcano Underground Radio 325

Hangover Wednesday: The Short Edition


Your Weekly Inspirational Quotes

“All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel of a mother”

                                                Abraham Lincoln, theatre-goer

“My mother had a great deal of trouble with me, but I think she enjoyed it.”

                                                Mark Twain, pissed the bed at age 16

“Diligence is the mother of good luck.”

                        Benjamin Franklin, lucked his way into a lot of French ‘tang

            Yes.  It really happened.  Sam The Guy reaaly was trying to get Plankey to bang his mom.  I will repeat.  Sam was trying to get Plankey laid.  Laid by his mom.  Sam’s mother the woman that gave him life and he repays her by putting a Plankey between her knees.  I got my mom a bubbling footspa.  Clearly I am a better son.

          Besides Plankey sex (and Sonic The Hedgehog sex…more on that later) what a fucking awesome show.  Sam was backed up with weird after taking 2 weeks off from the Tudies.  He threatened to kill babies and yelled at everything.  It was good to have him back.  Also Taco Bell killed off their kids menu.  Yeah, I know right?  Taco Bell had a kids menu?  It was one big shrug of indifference as the world collectively went, “oh…okay then but you still have everything else, right?”.  Usually I try to wait a few paragraphs before I get into this but fuck it it’s my show/blog….


And good golly Miss Molly is she a winner!

           Mother of the Year 23 year old Ashley Taylor Wright of Pensacola, Florida.  What?  Bad people come from Florida?  Noooooo, it’s a lovely state what with the Bath Salt Cannibals, alligators, hillbillys, and Dennis “Scooter” Abrahamson(RIP).  SCOOOOOOTEEEEEEEEEEER!!!!  Yeah well, Mrs. Wright was at a local Dillards (btw Sam fucking hates Dillards) with her hubby and three children one of whom is a baby.  Which I have to point out now as it’s rather important later.  As they were getting into their car a Sheriff stopped Ashley and asked her to exit the vehicle.  This is where most would exit the vehicle, talk with the police in a reasonable tone and hope they haven’t broken any laws BUT this is Florida.  Wright began screaming at her husband to just drive away until the deputy started to try to remove her from the vehicle.  Again this is where you should maybe surrender..lemme check this story…nope.  Wright then grabs her baby carrier, which still contained her 14 month old child, puts between her and the sheriff and shouted “you will have to shoot through my baby to get me!”.  Normal.  The police struggled with her further until Ashley Taylor Wright exited the vehicle and started running away…with the baby still in her possession.  The cops gave chase which then promted Wright to do what any mother would do.  SHE THREW THE BABY AT THE COP.  Best part of this is that the cop dodged it.  Didn’t even make an attempt to save the baby.  Then again if this is it’s mother maybe dying is a better way out now.  This all happened because store clerks at Dillards noted that Wright had shoplifted about $300 in clothes.  After arrest Wright claims they were for her children but many of the items were womens clothing soooooo you are a cunt.  A lying cunt.

You think it was a harsh criticism when I said Florida is a taint stain?  Do you still think I was exaggerating?

          So I realize this post is a day late and honestly my eyes are tired so I’ma have ta refer you to listening to the actual show today for the rest.  I will tell you that in the last half hour I read sexxxy fan fiction about Super Mario, Sonic The Hedgehog, Rugrats, and Harry Potter.  Then Sam and I got in a fight about who would write better fanfic.  So next week listen in as we read our own fanfic that we wrote this week.


   Exicted to see what happens when Hannibal Lecter facerapes Dr. Robotnik,

                           Lubemaster General James T Poling, DDS,DDP,TCBY    

The Olin Ezra Show 07/23/13

Beauty & The Freaks 07/23/13

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