Graffiti Street Symphonies 8-7-19

DJ DosLopez – Get to Know Me?!

Audiotory Riot 8-4-19

Graffiti Street Symphonies 8-3-19

The Plankman Show 7-25-19

Slaughter was our featured artist for “Band you forgot you loved”

Plus we discussed your first concert & played some cool tunes.

The Plankman Show 8-1-19

The Plankman Show 7-18-19

We had NEW music from local Detroit band Kaliedo & Gillen & The Villains. Also music from Saints Of Sin,SiXforNinE,We’re No Gentlemen,Royal Bliss & of course Eva Under Fire for Dan. Did I forget anything?

You’ll have to listen to find out.



Auditory Riot 7/21/19

Graffiti Street Symphonies 7-17-19

The Plankman Show 4-11-19

On our BIG show last night we played Dream Theater,Void Vator,Bullet Boyz,Pantera & Alfies Roadhouse. We also talked all things Dream Theater with our pal CJ from Firebrand radio. We discussed the AWESOME Dream Theater concert at The Filmore April 2nd. I also talked about The Void Vator show at The Token on April 3rd that was bad ass. Oh and at the end of the show I discussed local government & how screwed up it is here in Michigan. I hope you all enjoyed the show. Its also available on YouTube & Podbean.

Thanks for listening.








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