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The Progrim 4/16/14


-Suburban fetishes: Waffle Tacos and wood paneling

-Shocking revelation: Olin tries to poison Mike.

-Note to Ice Cube: if you’re nominated for the same award as a dead guy, the dead guy is going to win.

-Reality show producers have no soul but, are the contestants just getting what’s coming to them?

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12 Pack Tuesdays 04/15/14


Detroit Riot 04/15/14


1.) “Dear Prudence” – Siouxsie & the Banshees
2. ) “2nd Foot Stomp” – Clinic
3. ) “Abattoir Blues/Lyre of Orpheus” – Spell
4. ) “Beautiful Gardens” – The Cramps

1. ) “It’s A Beautiful World” – Rage Against the Machine
2.) “Eden Prison” – Swans
3. ) “Before I Grow Too Old” -Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros
4. ) “Before Today” – Everything But The Girl

1. ) “Campaign Of Hate” – The Libertines
2. ) “A Letter To Dominique” – Louis XIV
3. ) “Cash Machine” – Hard-Fi
4. ) “Deadwood” – Dirty Pretty Things
5. ) “You Probably Couldn’t See the Light But You Were Staring Straight At It” – Arctic Monkeys

1. ) “Atrocity Exhibition”
2. ) “Only Shallow” – My Bloody Valentine
3. ) “Temptation” – New Order
4. ) “Jack On Fire” -The Gun Club
5. ) “12XU” – Wire
6. ) “Dizzy” – Throwing Muses|
7. ) “Kid” – The Pretenders

1. ) “Anthrax” – Gang Of Four
2. ) “Public Image” – Public Image Ltd.
3. ) “Superstar” – Sonic Youth
4. ) “Junkyard” – The Birthday Party
5. ) “Alex Chilton” – The Replacements

1. ) “Main Offender” – The Hives
2. ) “Get In Or Get Out” – Hot, Hot, Heat
3. ) “New York City Cops” – The Strokes
4. ) Ziggy Stardust” – Bauhaus

The Progrim 4/15/14


-Detroit survives the blood moon to break record for worst winter ever.

-We take you a place where the roads glow in the dark.

-Utah’s house of horrors.

-If you take your parenting advice from Jenny McCarthy, maybe you shouldn’t be having kids.

-That’s not what a model airplane is for, urban spelunking and how to handle being blackmailed.

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See The Muzic News: Romantic Rebel


I had a chance to talk to KT with Romantic Rebel. We talked about the new album coming out on April 29th, some of her inspirations and some of the things Romantic Rebel are doing to prepare for their upcoming tour. Check out the interview below!

Zaldor’s World 04/14/14


US Airways made a twitter blunder! – Page to donate to help the costs of tragic death of a operator at US Steel last week – Page to donate to help the costs of cousin of Zaldor’s fiance who lost her life suddenly at 26

Why do all the crazy people live in Florida?

Kiss inducted into Rock and Roll hall of fame, why aren’t these others? (Motley Crue, Deep Purple, etc)

Surprise call in from Powerdise of Critical Bill (  to talk about the new album!!


Mark Y Mark El Programa 04/14/14


Special guest Larry Stephens AKA Sinister. The guys discuss various aspects of art including the differences between digital and analog, full time and part time artists, and more!

The Progrim 4/14/14


-Another deity foils Kyle again.

-Nickelback jokes are lazy comedy but this new viral trend has some promise.

-The most popular woman on OKCupid shares some gems she’s received in her inbox.

-Is it Cliven Bundy or Clive and Bundy?

-Japanese man survives the Titanic, turns out to be the biggest mistake of his life.

-Embarrassing woman makes spectacle of herself on her wedding day.

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Don’t Panic Radio 04/13/14


Tiny & Plankman Show 04/13/14


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