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Jeff’s Album Review (JAR Radio) 03/16/14

Jeff talks to Detroit Rock Legend, Joey Gaydos Sr. From Mugsy, The Rockets and more! Great interview, and insights!

Plankmans House of Blues 03/16/14

Just Roll With It 03/16/14

Elitist Geezer Punk Radio 03/14/14

5XL Large & In Charge 03/14/16

The Progrim 3/14/14


@JakeIsTheWorst, our in studio guest is a 30 year old man who went to a Demi Lovato concert.

-Kate Upton sues crappy website over worst fake photos in the history of the internet.

-The return of Cold Stone Steve Austin

-One or more of the hosts contemplate joining a cult.

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Hard Edge Radio 03/13/14

Thursday March 13th on Hard Edge Radio. They talked to Drummer Tawny Lee from all female Motely Crue tribute band Girls, Girls, Girls and members of local rock band After The Tide joined them in the studio. Plus the usual entertainment news, upcoming shows and more. Hard Edge Radio airs live every Thursday night from 8-10pm EST on

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Todays plan of adjustment will be smooth sativa with a touch of indica..

Music by  T-Money Green,  Sports and Electronic Football with Jim “The Hulk” Davis


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The Progrim 3/13/14

mr peanut

-Mike is all about that mini van life.

-Which pop punk band dumped their guitarist due to sex crime allegations?

-What kind of whacko pays George Zimmerman for his autograph?

-The monocle is making a comeback, will it be bigger than oil pulling?

-Anti Obamacare cancer patient ad; fact, fiction, misunderstanding?

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DJ PreZident – Weekly Address 03/13/14

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