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Zaldor’s World 04/28/14

Zaldor’s Back and cracking the whip!

Julie Julie in studio to interview us while we interview her!

Would you Drink urine? This guy did in a restaurant and got arrested!

Double B & Mama’s Boy call in

FWB, what are the rules?

Mark Y Mark El Programa 04/28/14

The Progrim 4/28/14


-Racist NBA owner picks the wrong mistress.

-Clooney gives in.

-Bored white kids find a dumb new way to catch a buzz.

-New study shows women happiest at 28, no 33, no wait, 69.

-Men with bigger _______ have more _______ when it comes to marriage.

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Don’t Panic Radio 04/27/14

Singer Jeff Gutt joins us in studio and talks everything from how he got started to where he is now.  This Michigan native has amazing talent, and an equally talented band behind him that was hand picked for an incredible sound.  Listen for an in-depth interview, and the premier of NEW, NEVER BEFORE HEARD songs by Jeff Gutt.

See Jeff Gutt live at the Masonic Temple Saturday, May 3, 2014. For tickets, visit or go to

Jeff Gutt

Tiny & Plankman Show 04/27/14


Tap Top Ten 04/27/14

Tap Top Ten for 04/27/14

1. Rezination Detroit – Poison Letter (1)
2. Chrome Mollie – Loud and Clear (D)
3. Deadset Revolt – White Trash Beauty Queen (2)
4. Podracer – Easy Singles (5)
5. Like A Storm – Love The Way You Hate Me (3)
6. Kevin B Klein – Born to be Free (4)
7. Bulletproof Snow – What Comes Next (6)
8. Attera Tale – Hide & Seek (8)
9. Shock Wave – Hey Kid (7)
10. Revelus – You’re Gone (D)

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Jeff’s Album Review 04/27/14


Bob and Robert from The Hamiltons come in and play some live tunes and talk about music with Jeff!

Snowbunnie SunDAZE 04/27/14


Valid, Mikal and Garret come cut it up with Snowbunnie!

The Progrim 4/25/14


-Roid rage week ends with stories of road rage. 

-Ronald McDonald’s millennial makeover.

-Google’s war on field trips.

-The last time we talk about Ol’ Cliven Bundy for awhile (hopefully).

-Mike The Sports Idiot.

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Hard Edge Radio 04/24/14


Thursday night on Hard Edge Radio they talked to guitarist Tom Maxwell from HELLYEAH and members of the band Givensix stopped by the studio. Plus the usual entertainment news, upcoming shows and more. Hard Edge Radio airs live every Thursday night from 8-10pm EST on

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