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Flashclash Radio 06/05/14



DJ Prezident – 06/05/14



Trap – Dub – House – Mix

Volcano Underground Episode 420

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The Progrim 6/4/14


-The guys mull over their upcoming 100th episode celebration.

-Women, memes and the let down that is reality.

-Why Mike is getting sick of people putting their kids on TV.

-New book claims Jackie Kennedy wanted to divorce JFK. How much of a freak was he?

-Fill in the blank: 50 Cent can’t throw a baseball because he _ _ _ _ _ _ bates too much.

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Detroit Riot 06/03/14

SET ONE/De Stijl
1. ) “Hello Operator” – White Stripes
2. ) “Death Letter” – White Stripes
3. ) “Why Can’t You Be Nicer To Me?” – White Stripes
4. ) “Death Letter” – Son House

SET TWO/Thickfreakness
1. ) “Thick Freakness” – Black Keys
2. ) “Set You Free” – Black Keys
3.) “Have Love Will Travel” – Black Keys
4. ) “Stole My Check” – R.L. Burnside

SET THREE/ White Blood Cells
1. ) “Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground” – White Stripes
2. ) “Fell In Love With A Girl” – White Stripes
3. ) “I Think I Smell A Rat” – White Stripes
4. ) “Me & the Devil Blues” – Robert Johnson

SET FOUR/Rubber Factory
1. ) “When the Lights Go Out” – Black Keys
2. ) “Stack Shot Billy” – Black Keys
3. ) “Rollin Stone” – Muddy Waters

SET FIVE/Elephant
1. ) “Seven Nation Army” – White Stripes
2. ) “The Hardest Button To Button” – White Stripes
3. ) “Girl You Have No faith In Medicine” – White Stripes
4. ) “The Crunge” – Led Zeppelin

SET SEVEN/Broken Boy Soldiers

1. ) “Steady As She Goes” – Raconteurs
2. ) “Broken Boy Soldiers” – Raconteurs

SET EIGHT/Chulahoma
1. ) “Have Mercy On Me” – Black Keys
2. ) “El Camino” – Super Chikan

1. ) “Hustle & Cuss” – Dead Weather
2. ) “Lazaretto” – Jack White

The Progrim 6/3/14


-Detroit’s Robocop day, massive disappointment. 

-Anti-gay group shows them all by protesting Harvey Milk postage stamp.

-Teacher forgets to hang up phone, insults mother’s precious snowflake.

-If Apple told the Huffington Post to jump off a bridge, would they? Of course they would.

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Zaldor’s World 6/2/2014

Johnny B returns after almost a month away!!

In studio guest, Delina!


Plankman’s House of Blues 06/01/14

The Progrim 6/2/14


-The guys recount times they were heckled on stage and how they dealt with it.

-Kickstarters worse than the Shaq Fu reboot.

-Psychotropic drug debate: do they make people more violent?

-Is beer the hottest new health drink?

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Don’t Panic Radio 06/01/14

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