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Funding Detroit Retiree Pensions with Pot, will save us a lot.


Hooka Pipe Liberation Day @ 5pm  – How to modify a hookah pipe for a Medical Marijuana Patient.

Topics for 2015

Since Police and Firefighters do not pay into Social Security, can the City of Detroit restore the roar of the retirees under 65 by Funding them with Pot?

Colorado has made $327 million in Marijuana sales.

Will City Council and the Mayor approve of this?

Selecting the right candidate for the open City Council seat to make this happen.

Suh-ing the Dallas Cowboys by firing up the Joique!

Call in at 313 429-0801 between 5-7pm  this Friday to discuss on 5xl Large and in Charge live on Detroit’s Dankest Internet Radio Station

Hosted by  Jim the Hulk, T-Money Green and, the Weed Man.

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