This is the story of the WRONGFUL CONVICTION of Jeffrey Abramowski and the FIERCE love his daughter has for him.  Abramowski has been incarcerated for 18 years as of July 16, 2020. The evidence in this case makes it a no-brainer, however, the Florida judicial system has tunnel vision, and refuses to admit their mistakes and admit that they are wrong.

Join the the fight for JEFFREY ABRAMOWSKI’s freedom at CHANGE.ORG. sign it and share it, and please make a donation to fund his legal team. This is something that I personally believe in. I am also a donor to this fund.

I would like to also thank Florida Today and John Torres for also believing in this case so strongly, John has dedicated several episodes to fight for the case of Jeffrey’s innocence. And also for the image I used from them. (Please don’t sue me.)

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