What type of music?
Zoo Hippies performs and eclectic mix of music from different genres which includes rock, jam, funk and reggae.  We pride ourselves in performing live as a cover band while portraying songs that are not as typical as other cover bands.  This is done but performing music from the past and present and also some original tunes.
When did you first start?
Zoo Hippies started in November 2011 as a solid 4 piece but has morphed into an acoustic duo as well as a 7 piece which includes bass, drums, 2 guitars, keyboards, harmonica, percussion and 2 vocalists.  Our first show was at Fifth Avenue in Royal Oak on December 29, 2011
Why did you decide to start it?
At the time I took a year off of my original band Lucky Brown to pursue a new project and to earn income with other musicians.
Are you a solo Artist or part of group?
The whole idea with Zoo Hippies is incorporating other musicians into this project to provide a variety of influence and music to perform.  Those who may come to a show may notice that each show is different and may have different musicians performing the shows as well.  Our core group is Aaron Brown (keys/vocals), Kedree Young (guitar/vocals), Alastair Nix (bass), and Chris Rink (drums).
What name do you go by?
Zoo Hippies
How did you come up with the name?
As you may know it’s challenging to come up with a band name, however literally Zoo Hippies popped into my head and was the most descriptive name that describes our style of music and vibe that we portray.
Who do you like to collaborate with?
We happen to live in a musical community so sometimes we perform shows purely based on which musicians are available at the time.  Most of us play in multiple bands so this project is excellent since our purpose includes a variety of talent.
Where do you play?
Currently we perform mostly at Dick O Dows on Saturdays in downtown Birmingham.  Last weekend we performed at Patrick Js in downtown Berkley MI.  We will also be playing at Hamlin Pubs in near future.
When are your upcoming shows?
We are taking a short break at the moment since I will be traveling and performing shows with my original reggae dub band 1/2 Way There in November.  We will be on this show next month to promote a big show at Black Lotus and The Crofoot.  Zoo Hippies will resume shows in December and January 2016.
Zoo Hippies – Acoustic Jam Music



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