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DJ Do$ Lopez featuring Moe Dirdee & MC ME


What type of music?  “Street hop”

When did you first start? “13years ago ”

Are you a solo Artist or part of group? “Solo artist”

What name do you go by? “Moedirdee ”

How did you come up with the name? Its an acronym for: Mark. of .Excellence. doing. it. real.dam.efficient.everyday

Who do you like to collaborate with? Currency,nipsey Hussle, jcole, meek mill and
Where do you play? “The Klinik”

When are your upcoming shows? Fri june26th with Esham at the crowfoot
Sun July5th In Atl

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What type of music? Conscious Hip Hop. My music is conscious. I cover topics from love, hate, revolutionary, government, food, lifestyle, energy, law of attraction, and much more. I express my life and emotions thru my music.

When did you first start? freshman year of college about 4 years ago

Why did you decide to start it? To express myself. I knew it was something I wanted to do for the rest of my life from day 1. I loved the feeling I got when writing and making music.

Are you a solo Artist or part of group? Solo artist. Just ME 🙂

What name do you go by? MC ME

How did you come up with the name?MC = Microphone controller, or master of ceremonies. ME = Matt Ervinck (my name), also manifest energy.

Who do you like to collaborate with?I would like to collaborate with kid cudi, lupe fiasco, ab soul, underachievers, joey badass and many more.

Where do you play?I have played at local shows in Michigan, at imminent disclosure music festival, and a few open mics and slam poetry in Hawaii.

When are your upcoming shows?I don’t have any specific dates, I’m hoping the door will open where I can go on tour one day but as of now I don’t have any upcoming shows.

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