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DJ Do$ Lopez featuring JSR & Kash the Kushman



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What type of music?

Hip-Hop. I’m pretty versatile. I can do Grime, Trap, and I can even kick it to some Jazz or alternative music.

 When did you first start?

I first started rapping when I was 10 years old, chilling with my homies spitting freestyles…

 Why did you decide to start it?

I thought of it as a way to spread my story to people. I hope to one day motivate someone to do what they want to do.

 How many people in you group?

I’m a solo artist. I collaborate with the Bruiser Brigade and Renegade 777, but I consider them family more than a group. But there are lots of members.

 Who do you like to collaborate with?

I love to collaborate most with my big bruh Dopehead. I also do a lot of music with other artists like DJ Taye from Teklife, BulletProof Dolphin, OG Taxx from 808 Mafia, my fam in the Bruiser Brigade and 777 Renegade.

 What is the name of your band/group, etc?

I’m Kash tha Kushman. I’m a part of the Bruiser Brigade, and I’m 777 at heart.

 Where do you play?

I play mostly in Detroit. Did a few shows at New Dodge in Hamtramck, North End Studios, Untitled Bottega, Magic Stick, and many other places.

 When are your upcoming shows?

I got a show on March 14th at New Dodge in Hamtramck, Get Jxxky or Die 3 and I got a show at Modern Skate Park on April 4th, both with my big bruh King Jxxky and my homies the Nightmericans and Tomahawk. Then on April 25th, I got a show with Renegade 777 called Unity Fest.



twitter: @renegade777det


 Ka$h Tha Kushman

twitter: @capo_kash

instagram: @bruiserkash



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