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DJ Do$ Lopez – Reggeaton GrayMix featuring Jazatopia


What type of music? I describe my music as one genre. I write however I feel.
When did you first start? I have been writing and arranging music over 10 years.
Why did you decide to start it? I was raised in a house full of music my father was apart of one of the hottest local bands in the city in the 70’s & 80’s called Iron Horse. I started as a dancer for a local artist in the 90’s. I have produced music for Lois and Grady Washington.
How many people in you group? It is just me, Jazatopia
Who do you like to collaborate with? I would like to collaborate with my idols Timbaland, Missy Elliot and the one and only Janet Jackson.
What is the name of your band/group, etc?
Where do you play? Currently I am just building my brand.
When are your upcoming shows? No shows on the books right now.
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Jazatopia feat. Cientell – “Where is the Party” (Official Video):

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