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DJ Do$ Lopez – Blue Hip Hop Mix featuring Ascentient


Ascentient is the Visionary Live Edm project of Michigan based producer Cord Blaze.

Fusing his passion for all things from the visionary realm, Ascentient is bringing a new genre-less style into edm featuring Live drumming and Live guitar performed alongside original tracks and remixes. Meaning to tap into the same divine spark that unites us all, Ascentient aims to achieve higher thought-forms through auditory stimulation. .Ascentient has shared festival lineups with many notable acts such as Eoto, Papadosio, Vibesquad and Detroits own Dixons Violin .2015 is filling up to be even more busy for the this upstart Livetronica project.  Rewired Beings ep drops summer 2015

1. What type of music? Visionary EDM/ Livetronica / Glitch

2. When did you first start? Sept of 2014
3. Why did you decided to start? During the summer of 2014, after numerous performances as the live synth drummer for Spaceship Earth we mutually parted ways and i started Ascentient. I have always been Involved in some aspect of experimental music and combining my love of future bass with my love of psychedelic prog rock just felt like the right direction for me to go. I am very involved in the Visionary arts culture and feel my music stems from the same field of consciousness that the current Visionary Art culture pulls from. My aim is to bring visionary experiences through auditory stimulation.
4. Are you a solo artist or part of a group? I produce and perform as Ascentient and it was started as a solo act but i have recently added the guitar player Gil Lopez to this project and it brings a much more dynamic genre pushing element to my Live EDM.
5. What do you go by? The project is Ascentient and my name is Cord Blaze
6. How did you come up with the name? Ascentient is a combination of Ascent( to rise up) and Sentience (to be aware) and is intended to allow listeners to dance there demons away and rise up or ascend from any negative and unhealthy physical or mental behaviors, becoming aware of thought forms and the way the body talks to heal themselves and others.
7. Who do you like to collaborate with? Look out for Collabs with Spaceship Earth Zakandwhatarmy Stratosphere and Super Sayan Simba in the near future.
8. Where do you play? We perform at various national and regional music festivals across the US including Hoopla in the Hills 2015 (ohio), Head Change Gathering 2015 (Michigan), Family Roots Gathering (Ohio) as well as sharing bills with national a edm and jamband acts such as Eoto Papadosio Vibesquad Govinda and many more.
9. When are your upcoming show?
   Aug 6th Nonsense Night Bubblepocalypse @ Tangent Gallery Detroit MI
   Aug 9th Wompapalooza Detroit MI
   Aug 14 DreamWalk Gathering South Haven MI
   Aug 29th 3 Days of Light Gathering  Old Fort NC
   Sept 6th Backwoods Music Festival  Oklahoma
   Nov 23 Zen Awakening Festival Orlando FL
   We have a BIG announcement for an end of july festival but cant announce just yet. Check our facebook for tour updates

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