The Plankman Show 8-9-18

We had music from As Strange As Angels,Eva Under Fire,Psychostick & more. We debuted BOTH Eva Under Fire & Psychostick tunes from both their NEW albums. Plus we were RUDELY interrupted by CJ(lol) & we also talked with Dan “The Superfan” Mark. Did I leave anything out? If I did you’ll hear it on the podcast below.

Thanks for playing & tuning in.







The Plankman Show 06-21-18

Thursday nights show we Debuted the youtube channel & played a TON of awesome music. Including Eva Under Fire, Saints Of Sin, Protokult ,Royal Bliss, We’re No Gentlemen, Xerosun, Ironaut , Aboleth, Rozy & much more. The show ended with us discussing the sale of The Eloise property in Westland.

Anything you missed or I forgot can be heard by clicking the player below.

Thanks again to everyone who tunes in.





The Plankman Show 05-24-18

Well. What can I say about last nights show? Not a lot of music but a LOT of “Thumper”. lol

Did you miss it? It was entertaining. Also, Jeff Dehnke came down for the second to last show at the Russell. I think we may have played Eva Under Fire? If you missed out you missed “Thumper” being “Thumper”. Boy was it entertaining. Tune in next week for the LAST EVER PLANKMAN SHOW at The Russell! Help us celebrate! I don’t wanna go out sad. Call in! If you’ve NEVER came to the studio stop in! OPEN INVITATION! 1610 Clay Street Building #2 suite 352. Come on down and celebrate. Also we have a AWESOME interview with Raven Black the Ted set up & for the last ever show in the Russell we will have the first band I ever interviewed & met at Tapdetroit Through Our Eyes in studio hanging out.




Thanks to Ray Bauer,Jeff Dehnke & of course Heather too. Hope we didn’t cause too much trouble.






The Plankman Show 5-18-18

We had a AWESOME show. We interviewed Neal from Royal Bliss(& And Taylor). They both were awesome & really cool to talk to can’t wait to check them guys out at The Machine Shop on July 21st. We also debuted their new tune “Devil with Angel Eyes” & played 1 that Ted can’t stop listening to as well. We also  played 3 phase to start the show because DAMN IT they have a show July 7th at The Maidstone in Ypsi. Maybe we’ll get them on the show before they rock the hell out of The Maidstone? Also played Raven Black who we’ll be interviewing May 31st for their show at The Token on June 3rd. We also gave away a pair of tickets to said show & would like to congratulate Stephie Moore on winning the tickets. Its going to be a great show & we’ll see you there! Also had news about that show that we shared with you guys & we played some tunes from some of our favorite bands like Through Our Eyes & Psychostick. Anything I left out can be heard by clicking the player below.

Thanks again to Neal & Taylor from Royal Bliss for taking time to talk. Thanks to Shauna O’Donnell of O’Donnell Media Group for hooking us up with a AWESOME interview again & thanks to all of you who listen or watch via fb live.

Appreciate each & every one of you.

See you next week where I have NO IDEA what will happen but I hear some people are invading the Russell studios as we only have 2 shows left there.

Tune in.

8pm Tapdetroit.com




The Plankman Show 5-10-18

We played a ton of music to get you ready for HAIL SAGAN & RAVEN BLACK June 3rd at The Token Lounge in Westland. We also announced the END of the studios at The Russell & even had The Owner & CEO of Tapdetroit.com Olin Ezra on to explain that we’re not ending! I will continue my show from home till we have a studio. Ted’s looking forward to the drive. lol

We also gave you a “virtual” tour of the studios & I personally invited ANYONE in the local music scene whether your a solo artist or band to come on down to 1610 Clay St, Detroit,MI Building 2 3rd floor ANY Thursday till May 31st which will be our LAST broadcast from The Russell studios. Also If you’d like to fill in Co-Host for Ted on May 24th that is available as well. Just let me know. We are also GIVING AWAY 2 TICKETS TO SEE RAVEN BLACK & HAIL SAGAN at The Token June 3rd. All you have to do is come down to The Russell next Thursday(May 17th) & say “I want those tickets”. BAM! It’s that easy. FREE SHOW ON US! Again. ANY LOCAL MUSICIANS OR BANDS THAT HAVE ALWAYS WANTED TO COME TO TAP BUT NEVER HAVE YOU HAVE 3 SHOWS LEFT! THIS IS A OPEN INVITATION! NO NEED TO CALL OR EMAIL. JUST STOP IN! I would love to see a lot of the bands we’ve had on tapdetroit in the past come down or bands that have never been here before to see what we’ve done for 10 years. After May 31st I will broadcast from home,from my garage until we find a studio.


See you next Thursday. We will interview Neal from Royal Bliss & who knows what else will happen?

I’m sure we’ll play more music to get you ready for June 3rd.

Take care,









The Plankman Show 5-3-18

Well. Other then not connecting to the server to start the show(which no one will notice cause I already edited it) The show went off GREAT! We had a studio FULL of GREAT people. We had Cj the music GOD(official title) to give us some AWESOME tunes that we may have not heard before. Especially BRAND NEW SHINEDOWN! WOW! We also had some Jackson,Michigan coneys which were the bomb & Banana creme cake which was incredible. We also made up for not playing Adakain last week & started the show off with them. We played, Bodycount,Cyclone Temple & Blackhour. We also had a little fun with some Van Halen III versus Extreme. Do see if you can tell the difference. AWESOME FUN SHOW! Thanks to CJ Plain (The Music God) & his wife for making the drive from Jackson. We’re glad you guys are staying here in Michigan. Thanks to Dan Mark & Ashley for coming in & hanging out with us & as always I wanna thank my radio partner & just all around BAD ASS dude Ted for helping out with everything & making sure I didn’t forget anything for the show or the food. Thanks a million Ted. You make the show better. If I left anything out I guess you’ll have to listen to the podcast below.

Thanks for tuning in & thanks for reading this.

Also, Congrat to Mel & Olin on the baby. Ezra Jackson Wade. #1 at Tapdetroit dude.

Catch ya next Thursday.






The Week in Weed – Bong Hit For The New Baby!

On Today’s show we are sending a Bong Hit to the Boss! Congratulations to our newest family member!

Ezra Jackson Wade  6lb, 11oz. 22 inches!  Born 5/2/2018

Welcome to our world Ezra!


Bong hits for the parents and our young and upcoming engineer.

In honor of the new arrival, we will be discussing the latest Marijuana Administrative bulletin issued by the State of Michigan LARA, the upcoming August elections as it relates to cannabis reform and, Celebrating Global Marijuana March weekend.

Call in number 313 429 0801

Hosted by Richard “Free The Weed” Clement.

The Plankman Show -4-26-18

Started the night off with some Fall From Disgrace because nothing cheers you up like FFD! We also played some Ray Street Park & Underland (whether anyone wanted to hear them or not is a mystery to me), also had We’re no Gentlemen,Hail Sagan & Ghost to end the show. We also talked about the GHOST that Volcano & myself heard on Wednesday night during his show. Even tried to play the audio but the mics didn’t pick it up but we both clearly heard a voice that wasn’t there. Strange place the Russell. Anyhow, anything I left out or forgot can be heard  by clicking the player below. Don’t forget this Thursday we will be having Dan Mark & CJ IN STUDIO to celebrate CJ’S staying in Michigan not going to Arkansas after all. lol. Should be a blast folks so tune in. P.S. My apologies to Adakain for forgetting to play them. First song next week I promise!

Thanks for tuning in & if you didn’t you have the podcast below.

See ya Thursday night.






Cannabis Appreciation Day Friday 4/20/18

Tribute Detroit-R.I.P.


Happy 420 to you! It is with great pleasure to announce that this will be the last ‘illegal’  cannabis appreciation day being held in North America.  To mark this occasion, our show will be live streaming from our Facebook page in Windsor Canada and Detroit Michigan hosted by Richard “Free The Weed”  Clement.



To start it off, the 420/421 festival will commence in Windsor Canada

and Charles Clark square on Friday 4/20/18 and 4/21/18. This venue is accessible by the Detroit/Windsor Tunnel Bus DDOT #2222 or, by


driving your personal car.  You cannot have any cannabis on your possession when you go through customs. If you do you will be dogged out by the Canadian Border Security Agency, handcuffed and send back to USA as a matter of policy.  Otherwise, your car can smell as dank as can be and, you will be alright.



On the Detroit side, various venues in the City will be paying homage to the plant of hope and prosperity. One event is Detroit 420 a private event hosted by Buds Corks and Forks along with other supporters will be hosting a 420 party  $20 General Admission $50 Vip Access. Other events are scheduled in the Detroit area so please support the cause.


The plant that has been demonized, vilified and, disrespected is now being hailed as a key to creating jobs and saving our environment. In this mid-term election cycle, cannabis activists and teachers banded together at the Michigan Democratic Party Convention on April 15, to deliver Ms. Dana Nessel for our next Michigan Attorney General. She will reverse the adverse damage caused by years of authoritative brutality inflicted upon Flint, workers pensions and healthcare.  With Dana Nessel, teaching professionals deserve to have their Medical Marijuana co-pays included in their health care contracts because of the stress and expenses of the job.


Canadian Unions like Laborers International Union of North America (L.I.U.N.A. www.liuna.org) have already seen the green and cover their membership’s use of Medical Marijuana to help fight the prescription drug crisis, while bud tenders in Michigan are being put out of work by shutting down their place of work at  a marijuana business.

Website: Local 625 LIUNA Freeing the Weed For Workers in Need

Website: UAW/Company Doctors Reject Workers Claim for Medical Marijuana use

The Ambassador Bridge is privately owned and, is affected by the change in policy on Marijuana.  On the American side, the City of Detroit allows one ounce or less of marijuana on private property without a card, with the permission of the owner.  On the Canadian Side, recreational use will start in July of 2018.

Will there be Canadian B.C. Bud and Detroit Purple Kush sold at the Duty Free stores on the bridge?  What about the tunnel? If you show up and vote in primary and general elections for pro cannabis candidates, you never know what could happen.

By building bridges instead of walls, we can solve the opioid crisis, increase the education budget, decrease the prison budget and, improve the quality of life for everyone.

In bud we trust..

Free The Weed


The Plankman Show 4-12-18

Tonights show we experimented with FB live. We paid tribute to the Humboldt Broncos with my hockey stick outside the studio door tonight. We also played music from New Day Revolution,Eva Under Fire, Ironaut & Through Our Eyes. Then we got BREAKING NEWS that we were BACK on tune in! We also debuted some new music from Raven Black & The New Ideal. We ended the show with a AWESOME interview with Amanda Gabel of We’re No Gentlemen. This chic is very cool & we found out a hockey player & yes she can sing so check them out. Thanks to her for taking out time for us right before she went to The Anaheim Ducks game tonight. Appreciate it very much.

Anything I left out can be heard by clicking the player below.






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