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The Tiny & Plankman Show 6-28-15

Tonight we had Ryan from Soil on to talk all things Soil & Drowning Pool. We played some new tunes & even did a “Razlog” break. 3 songs Razlog demanded we play.So, If you missed anything download our podcast.

Thanks again.

Also go to our fb page & sign the petition to keep the grass at Navin Field A.K.A. old tiger stadium.



Detroit’s Back Live Show on Thursday Night!!

Tune in for another awesome night this Thursday on from 10pm til midnight with Detroit’s Back. Your host this upcoming Thursday will be the Miss Amazing Snowbunnie, Wsg. Dion price! Along with a couple other interviews as well.

june18 There is never a dull moment on when Snowbunnie is around. You get all the news and the best interviews with artists and information from the “D”.

All shows are sponsored by Embarco and you can tune in every night, 7 days a week to the leading internet radio from Detroit on

Always great people at working with and for you the fans, vendors, promoters and artists from around the world.


Marijuana in Mackinaw. Setting Policy to Keep the Weed Free.

BobMarleyToday at  5-7pm on  Call In @ 313 429-0801

The Weed Man files his report from Mackinaw on the State of the Bud. We will be covering the recent Mackinaw Policy Conference and our plant from the earth:

With Prop 1 going down in flames, why should we volunteer our plant to fix the roads without any oversight? NO FREE POT FOR MDOT!

It is time to change the law in 2016 because if you are going to tax our weed, then you have to quit using Marijuana as a condition of employment…

The 2 proposals that want to legalize in Michigan one has no money, and the other is an attempt to corner the marijuana market for a few.

T-Money Green on Detroit Entertainment News and Jamin in July!

The West Coast Bud Report at 6pm

Engineered by Olin Ezra.

Bong Hit from Detroit!


This Thursday!!! Detroit’s Back with David M. Brisbois

Snowbunnie is going to welcome David M. Brisbois this Thursday night also!!! The CIO and Director A&R of North Star Media will be stopping by for some fun and Fuckery…11210522_10204638412068444_996052477250616476_n You’ll be able to call in and chat with all of us at that evening. Tune in Live with Snowbunnie and special guests from 10pm til Midnight on Thursday night May 7th.

Tap Top Ten 05/03/15



  1. Kevin B Klein – Shake Shake (4)
  2. Elisium – AGV (3)
  3. Shock Wave – Hello LA (1)
  4. Aterra Tale – Little Lies & Sweet Goodbyes (9)
  5. Like A Storm – Wish You Hell (2)
  6. Shallow Side – My Addiction (8)
  7. Podracer – Hammers & A Handgun (5)
  8. Ominous Presence – Fly Away (6)
  9. Romantic Rebel – Believe (D)
  10. Screaming For Silence – The King Is Crowned (7)

Today’s show sponsored by Purple Kush and Granddaddy Purple

Special Music and Entertainment Guest from Detroit…

Party in the Russel

Weed Math and funding public pensions for Wayne County… How the legalization effort can benefit retirees.

Hosted by T-Money Green and The Weed Man.. Engineered by Olin Ezra

Today at 5pm on Detroit’s Dankest Radio Station..  5xl on


Detroit’s Back tonight!!!!

On Detroit’s Back we are going to have special guests Aaron & Drew from Embarco. They may bring some goodies and surprises for Snowbunnie so you might want to tune in to see if you need to call and win something special!! 11130179_10204458273725098_7468046277805895760_n So go to at 10pm until Midnight..

Should Public Employee Pensions be Funded By Weed?

weedleaf1Public Employees and Citizens can call in at 313 429 0801 @ 5:20 pm EDT and talk about it on Detroit’s Dankest Internet Radio Station

Sponsored by the Strain of the Holy Grail

Build a Bridge With Bud? Yes We Cannabis?

Is weed what you need, indeed? Welcome Roostertail Guests

Music by T-Money Green, Engineered by Olin Ezra..


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