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The Plankman Show 11/3/16

Well. If you missed this show you missed our best show to date. We talked to the fellas from The Creeping Chaos about the Don Dokken Incident at The Token Lounge in Westland last Thursday as they were the band on immediately prior to Don. The reaction from fans,listeners and local musicians was & still is amazing. This is Detroit Rock City & NO ONE comes into our back yard & pisses on our flowers! Yes, I was a little fired up. We had some many calls KZ didn’t know what to do. We also discussed the cubbies & we played NOTHING BUT DETROIT LOCAL MUSIC. Eva Under Fire,The Creeping Chaos,Dead In 5,New Day Revolution 6 Prong Paw & Pick Axe Preachers. I stick to my claim that I could play 2 hours of nothing but local music & it would be just as good as anything else on radio. Challenge excepted Don!

Seriously thanks to everyone who tuned in,called in & showed support for the local music. Without the support of the people there is no local music scene.

Go see a awesome local band near you this weekend.

Catch you guys next week.



In memory of Drew Sharp.








Tap Judicial Candidate Review – 36th Dist. and Supreme Court

10301937_10206135196046355_3989047611197490932_nLegal Question: Which Candidates for Judge is likely to dismiss a possession of marijuana charge for having a medical emergency in a State Park?

All Belle Isle cases go to 36th District Court.


Today on Detroit’s Dankest Internet Radio Station, The Tap-Detroit Judicial Review forum will be analyzing the candidates on Law and Order or, bringing Order when it comes to the law. In the Supreme Court we have two incumbent Law and Order Judges vs two candidates who pledge to bring reform to the process regarding Flint Water and Weed in Michigan regarding arrests and convictions for Marijuana possession and use.

Candidate call in at 3134290801


Music news with bass legend T-Money Green


Ebony and Ivory working together for justice and equality








Public Servants Profit From Pot – Police and Fire Will Get Much Higher

Weed in the news..    Legislated pot ain’t so hot!

10301937_10206135196046355_3989047611197490932_nThe proposed legislation to legalize Marijuana by the Michigan State Legislature will benefit Firefighters by funding their First Responder Fund.

Listen in at 5pm to get the lowdown from the 5xl crew on the State of Michigan’s agenda to Legalize the use and possession of Marijuana in the City of Detroit and the State of Michigan.

Click Here to read the full bill analysis

On Detroit’s Dankest Internet Radio Station

Removing The Religious Bias On Detroit’s Medical Marijuana Zoning by Law

10301937_10206135196046355_3989047611197490932_nToday’s Show:

The Federal Government is looking into religious bias with zoning laws by cities and townships regarding the construction of Mosques.  Does this apply to Detroit’s Medical Marijuana zoning ordinance?  Will Rastafarian and others who worship the weed be covered by this Federal Action?

Discussion on Detroit’s Dankest Internet Radio Station  at 5pm

Call in 3134290801

Detroit News Article Link

Detroit’s back….Snowbunnie and Aaron katz hosting live

This Thursday night at 10pm dont be late tuning in to with your awesome #1 Detroit Radio host, Snowbunnie and her co-host, Aaron Katz…

It’s  ‪#‎36solutions‬ Commercial release Pre-party at the station Thursday night… 11542097_1021949757850268_5335082552272351164_n Another awesome guest will be…. DirtyIlla You can check out him on his music page on faceebook



Make sure you are tuning in at 10pm to help celebrate the Pre-Release of a new CD along with the information of what is happening in the near future with both guests and you will hear it first from Snowbunnie and her co-host Aaron Kratz.

You can feel free to call in @313-429-0801  during the show and talk with the artists and of course your awesome Miss Snowbunnie, make sure you shout out #snowjobs for everyone!!!

Also to submit music to

The Tiny & Plankman Show 6-28-15

Tonight we had Ryan from Soil on to talk all things Soil & Drowning Pool. We played some new tunes & even did a “Razlog” break. 3 songs Razlog demanded we play.So, If you missed anything download our podcast.

Thanks again.

Also go to our fb page & sign the petition to keep the grass at Navin Field A.K.A. old tiger stadium.



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