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Volcano Underground Radio 02/07/18


5XL – T-Money Is Coming to Blast the Winter Blast

On Today’s show

The Bass Master of Detroit Edward T-Money Green will let the people know that on Sunday January 28, between 5-6pm, the Roadwork crew will be playing at the Detroit Meridian Winter Blast at Campus Martus Park in Downtown Detroit.  He will be playing some of his new music and oldies from playing for artists like the late Ron Banks,  Warren G,  Snoop Dogg, and others. Come on down to  Downtown Detroit and partay!  Learn how to ski too..

In other news,

The Weed Warrior’s status report of Detroit’s Marijuana Facilities and  Zoning ordinance snafu  and, what to do about it if you want to start a Marijuana Business in Detroit.

The Questions are:

In the process of Freeing the Weed,  how do we reinvest the revenue back into the community?  Will our neighbors to the South of Detroit in Windsor go along with Cannabis paying for a modern Ambassador Bridge to eventually replace the 85 year old span?

Quit the bickering because it’s time for dicker and dealing!

Call in at 313 429-0801

Co hosts Edward T-Money Green and Richard “Free The Weed” Clement.  With Engineer  Mr. Olin Ezra.


The Plankman Show Year in review 12-28-17

So, what a year. What a crazy ride but along the way some good times with good friends NEW & Old & all in all the show turned out pretty good. We featured Norman from As Strange As Angels, Mike Williams & Michael Hopper of Pick Axe Preachers, Marq from The Bullet Boys, Darcy & Josh Day from Day One, Tom Jeffers of Tiddies & of course the 1 & only Erik Kluiber of Ironaut. Anything I forgot can be heard in the podcast by clicking the player below.

Thanks again to all the amazing people that have continued to support the show over the last year. I truly appreciate it very much. Thanks to Ted Eberly for joining the show & putting up with the nonsense. As always thanks to Olin Ezra for allowing me to do the show that I do with NO RESTRICTIONS and hes always there to help when I screw something up! Like the phone call with CJ. lol. Thanks Olin. Thanks to Dan Mark to for listening,supporting & helping with the show. Your the best Dan! 2018 is gonna be awesome! I can’t wait. See you guys then.





Alabama Weed Warriors Smoke the Vote for Doug Jones and Stopping Voter Fraud!

On today’s show, we will review the week in cana-politics from Richard “FreeTheWeed” Clement, with  music news and guests from Co-Host and Pasteur School Alum, Hyped International Records Producer Edward T-money Green .

Black Women and Weed, gives Doug Jones the Victory indeed!  Jealous Marijuana Shop Owners and the usual community group clown car of characters go to court to thwart the vote results from the City Of Detroit opting into State of MI Marijuana laws. Website: State of Michigan Online Marijuana Application   Two lawsuits filed in Wayne County Circuit Court tries to emulate the Voter Fraud success of throwing out the Emergency Manager Vote regarding the City of Detroit’s choice to Opt Into the State of Michigan Marijuana laws.   The call in number is 313 429-0801




Active Cases in Wayne County (MI) Circuit Court against Marijuana promoting Voter Fraud.

Case No. 17-017221-AW

Plaintiff VK REAL ESTATE HOLDINGS III LLC , ET AL. V CITY OF DETROIT Plaintiff 12800 Eight Mile Road, Christopher B. McMahon  Retained (248) 746-2772(W)

Case No: 17-017320-CZ

Plaintiff(s) Cummins, Marcus,  Omokehinde, Deborah, et al. v City of Detroit Filed 12/07/2017  Lead Attorneys for the Defendant  City of Detroit, James D. Noseda   Retained  (313) 237-3057(W)  Lead Attorneys for the Plaintiff   Derek A. Hurt Retained (248) 663-5800(W)


Elect Doug Jones for Jobs in Alabama on Tuesday Dec 12th!

On December 12th, Elect Doug Jones for Senate in the State of Alabama!

Alabama Senate Candidate Doug Jones supports the legalization and regulation for taxation of Marijuana. He is in favor of colleges and universities in the State to do research and development on the benefits of the plant.  He will be one more vote to remove Marijuana from the Controlled Substances Act.

Legal Marijuana will create jobs in growing alternative fuel, along with pain research programs developed for the purpose of improving the quality of life.

Let the Weed Be Free in the Streets of Montgomery!

Let Weedom Ring!

With all music supplied by the Host, bass master of Detroit, legendary Edward T-money Green with musical guests in between..

Moderated by Richard “Free The Weed” Clement and other cannabis crusaders in the mix..

5 to 7pm every Friday on Detroit’s Dankest Internet Radio Station.

3134290801  call in number





Bong Hit For Alabama! Elect Doug Jones – US Senate Alabama – Tuesday Dec 12th

On Today’s Show with T-Money Green and Richard “Free The Weed” Clement..  The benefits of electing Doug Jones because he supports decriminalization of Marijuana in the State of Alabama.  Will there be Purple Bulldog Bud or Skegee Gold coming to your town? Will the Weed for Reed to Create the Jobs We Need Endowment for Cannabis Research come to reality?

Will Cannabis become the NEW Tuskegee Experiment for pain management?   Will the City of Detroit Opting Into the Marijuana Ordinance benefit or hurt the city?  Will the vote of the people be respected by the elected leadership of the City of Detroit?    Tune in at 5pm today and listen to our podcast on Detroit’s Dankest Internet Radio Station.  With Olin Ezra behind the board engineered to perfection.  Call in Number is 313 429 0801



Let the Weed Be Free from Ottawa to Montgomery… then to Washington D.C.



Detroit Planning Commission will ask City Council and AG Schuette to Invalidate Marijuana Vote

On Today’s show we will discuss the attempt to throw out the vote of the people on Opting Into and Zoning Medical Marijuana in the City of Detroit.  The Council will be asking State Attorney General Bill Schuette to undo the vote because of  the legal issue about whether a local ballot proposal can overturn the State Zoning Enabling Act, which governs local zoning laws.

Music Guest by Detroit Bass Master Edward T-Money Green.

Call 313 429 0801  for Detroit’s Dankest Internet Radio Station.


The Benefits of Voting YES on November 7th for Marijuana Reform in Detroit

On Today’s show we will discuss the benefit of voting YES on two proposals to opt-into the State of Michigan Law regarding Medical Marijuana. Music by the legendary Bass Master Edward T-Money Green and political commentary by Richard “Free The Weed” Clement on voting for cannabis.

Call in number is 313 429 0801

The new law will require that each business is required to pay %3 of all gross monthly profits to the State Medical Marijuana excise fund and, 30% of the money collected goes to finance the first responders presumed coverage fund.  All firefighter professionals in Michigan will immensely benefit from this legislation.

Part 6 Sec. 602. (1) of Public Act 281  states that the medical marihuana excise fund is created in the state treasury.

  • (5) The money in the medical marihuana excise fund shall be allocated, upon appropriation, as follows:
    • (a) 25% to municipalities in which a marihuana facility is located, allocated in proportion to the number of marihuana
      facilities within the municipality.
    • (b) 30% to counties in which a marihuana facility is located, allocated in proportion to the number of marihuana
      facilities within the county.
    • (c) 5% to counties in which a marihuana facility is located, allocated in proportion to the number of marihuana facilities within the county. Money allocated under this subdivision shall be used exclusively to support the county sheriffs and shall be in addition to and not in replacement of any other funding received by the county sheriffs.
    • (d) 30% to this state for the following:
      • (i) Until September 30, 2017, for deposit in the general fund of the state treasury.
      • (ii) Beginning October 1, 2017, for deposit in the first responder presumed coverage fund created in section 405 of the worker’s disability compensation act of 1969, 1969 PA 317, MCL 418.405.
      • (e) 5% to the Michigan commission on law enforcement standards for training local law enforcement officers.
      • (f) 5% to the department of state police.



The Plankman Show 10-5-17

Tonight we paid tribute to Tom Petty along with playing a ton of music,Ironaut, like a storm,ordway,harlow & Tiddies. Plus we asked the question what band changed everything for you? What 1 band best describes your musical taste? Feel free to let us know what yours is.

If you missed tonights show download our podcast below.






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