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Hard Edge Radio 05/08/14





















Thursday May 8th on Hard Edge Radio they talked to Lvei Benton from Miss May I and members of local progressive metal band Imminent Sonic Destruction stopped by the studio. Plus the usual entertainment news, upcoming shows and more. Hard Edge Radio airs live every Thursday night from 8-10pm EST on

5XL Large and In Charge – Tapping the Resources of the Motor City Every Friday @ 5pm EDT(US)

T-Money Green, The Hulk, and the Green Jobs Man live!  Today @ 5pm  on

059 5xl Richard


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EFL – Electric Football League News     Music Commentary with T-Money Green   Green Jobs with the Weed Man


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Flashclash Radio 05/08/14


Come listen to the smooth silky voice of @costaflash and the ramblings of the rest of us. plus tons of new and old #electro to fill the gaps.

 #flashclashradio #tapdetroit #russellharder #electropop #chillwave#edm #trap #dance #rave #dab #dabs #music #synth #moog #korg#technics #dj #comtruise #haim #empireofthesun #daftpunk #theknife#leisurecruise #flashclash #ourstyleisufo #puremichigan#detroithustlesharder #detroit #makesciencesexy

The Progrim 5/8/14


-Is the NFL draft more exciting for Lions fans than New England Patriot fans?

-Band puts out an album of silence, makes $20,000.

-Sitting can kill you?

-Fast food workers are striking all wrong.

-Another stupid couple destined for divorce make a spectacle of themselves on youtube.

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The Progrim 5/7/14


-Mike and his disdain for British comedy.

-World aghast at the Nigerian School Girl abductions, what is being done about it?

-Pussy Riot comes to America.

-A bucket list for a dog?

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Detroit Riot 05/06/14

1. ) “Stray Cat Blues” – Rolling Stones
2. ) “I Just Want To Make Love To You” – Muddy Waters
3. ) “No Pussy Blues” – Grinderman
4. ) “Hot Girl On Girl Vampire Action” – Luder

1. ) “Oh My Lover” – PJ Harvey
2. ) “Feel Me” – Imelda may
3. ) “I Want To Be Your Driver” – Chuck Berry
4. ) “Big Ten Inch…” – Moose Jackson
5. ) “Big Long Slidin’ Thing” – Dinah Washington

1. ) “Orgasm Addict” – Buzzcocks
2. ) “Oh Bondage Up Yours!” – X Ray Specs
3. ) “You Fucking Love It” – Dirty Pretty Things
4. ) “I’m A Ram” – Big Sugar

1. ) “Get Up ( I Feel Like Being ) A Sex Machine” – James Brown
2. ) “Night Time is the Right Time” – Ray Charles
3. ) “Group Sex” – Circle Jerks
4. ) “Backdoor Dan” – Big Sandy & is Fly-Rite Boys

1. ) “Let’s Spend The Night Together” – David Bowie
2. ) “This Is Hardcore” – Pulp
3. ) “Suck You Dry” – Mudhoney
4. ) Walk On The Wild Side” – Lou Reed

1. ) “In The Flesh” – Blondie
2. ) “Lay Lady Lay” – Angelique Kidjo
3. ) “Why Don’t We Do It In The Road” – The Beatles
4. ) “Slip It In” – Black Flag

1. ) “Love Comes In Spurts” – Richard Hell & The Voidods
2. ) “Long Hard Night” – Three Blue Teardrops
3. ) “Pictures of Lily” – David Bowie
4.) “Teenage Lust” – The Jesus and Mary Chain
5.) “Protex Blue” – The Clash

The Progrim 5/06/14


-May: the month of overused memes.

-The Kentucky Derby is still a thing?

-At the zoo: are we watching the animals, or are the animals watching us?

-Condescending British man tells us we’re wasting our lives on the internet, asks us to please share his video.

-Rappers with the biggest vocabularies or Mike sounds like an embarrassing dad.

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