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Nachtlich Industrial Internet Radio 06/13/14

Friday 8-10pm (GMT-5:00)
playlist for 6/13/2014
Episode #133

Candle Nine – Nachtlich Intro
3TEETH – Eradicate
Wumpscut – Wreath of Barbs (Desastroes Remix)
TAMTRUM – Tantrum New Version
Junksista – Queer (featuring Ladyhell)
Panic Lift – When Euphoria Ends (Everything Goes Cold Remix)
Nahtaivel – Here Comes the Rain
Halo In Reverse – Blade Runner End Theme
Alter Der Ruine – Leviathan
MiXE1 – Image
Naked Lunch – Glow (Cloaked Remix)
N.U.T.E – Red Lights Red Eyes
Dink – Reflections-Pappa-Sierra-Remix
A.E.C. – still
Millipede – Wither Away
Vomito Negro – Stain
Front Line Assembly – Killing Grounds – Rhys Fulber
E-Craft – CD1-03 ReArrested V1.0
GoFight – The Funk
XP8 – Engage The Bass
Defrag – Stare
EyeScream – Hollow
Mr Kitty – Insects (Gentleman Junkie Remix)
Vaniish – Kaleidoscoped
FREAKANGEL – into the fire feat javi ssagittar
Aborym – Dirty (Hellektro Apocalypse remix)

Hard Edge Radio 06/12/14


Thursday June 12th on Hard Edge Radio. Special guest co-host Mike Scott from Critical Bill and Diesel Concert Lounge and interviews with Gary from Eyehategod and Jonny from Nothing More. We also did a little tribute to Abe Sulfaro from Slave To The Beautiful/Nuclear Lounge. Hard Edge Radio airs live every Thursday night from 8-10pm EST on

See The Muzic News: Interview with Gary Mader from Eyehategod









Howie D from Hard Edge Radio recently caught up with bassist Gary Mader from Eyehategod. They talked about the bands new CD, the way he spends his down time in between shows and recording, the plans for the rest of the year for the band and more.

Eyehategod has just release their latest album, a self titled CD, and they are currently touring in support of it. The album is getting great reviews from industry folks and fans alike.  Please click below to the interview with Gary Mader from Eyehategod.


The interview with Gary:



The new, self titled CD is available now.












Eyehategod online:



The Progrim 6/12/14


-Detailed account of County Lock up from the inside.

-Grumpy Cat’s upcoming movie prompts us to trace the origin of the internet meme.

-Online game saves woman from armed robbery.

-Louis CK takes on TMZ.

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