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DJ Do$ Lopez

DJ Dos Lopez – Reggaeton Mix featuring Tetra

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Instagram: @TetraMusicProject
~What type of music?
Jamtronica, I blend original electronic dance production with live jam band style guitar and I have a synth looper and run some vocals through that as well.  It has roots in funk, blues, acid jazz, electronic rock, house and R&B.  Recently I have been blending rhythms and beats with an ambient vibe.
~When did you first start?
I started playing guitar at age 10, mostly acoustic.  At age 24 I was inspired by the Electronic Music Culture to start making my own music and start a project for myself, I made the decision on New Years Eve of 2013 and had my first show as Tetra in May of 2014 at the Maidstone Theatre in Ypsilanti, Michigan.  Delta 9 formed in May of 2015.
~Are you a solo Artist or part of group?
The Tetra Music Project is my solo project, I recently also started playing in a band called Delta 9.
~What name do you go by?
~How did you come up with the name?
Tetra is short for Tetrahedron, the geometrical shape my spirit identifies with.

DJ Dos Lopez – Psychedelic Trance Mix

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DJ Dos Lopez – Disney Musical Mix featuring Sarah Hall

☆What type of music? I am a classically trained opera singer, and I also write electro-pop songs. 
☆When did you first start? I was a musician since childhood and started writing songs on the piano at age 8. I started my classical vocal training at age 14 and continued this through undergraduate and graduate school. 
☆Why did you decide to start it? I always loved music and artistic expression. I got into singing because I wanted to be a broadway performer when I was in my early teens. My singing was a big support to my adventures in theatre.
☆Are you a solo Artist or part of group? Solo
☆What name do you go by? Sarah Hall
☆How did you come up with the name? I experimented with many stage name but in the end my real name felt like it was the most authentic and least limiting as to the kinda of music I wanted to explore. I like to play in many genres!
☆Who do you like to collaborate with? My boyfriend, Jesse Fox- cellist, percussionist, composer and producer. Also recently collaborated with sun eagle, a psychedelic jam band. I’m the past I have lent my vocals to many bands spanning from folk to death metal.
☆Where do you play? Mostly at home! I also occasionally sing at nonsense night at the tangent gallery in Detroit. 
☆When are your upcoming shows? None so far! 😊

DJ Dos Lopez – 2hr Dubstep Mix

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DJ Dos Lopez – Space Ambient Mix featuring Eclipse the SongMaker


Ingrid’s music career started in Europe traveling with a band performing for the American Forces in Germany, Italy, Spain, Greece and Turkey. She relocated with her husband to Florida, USA and started a jewelry company with Walt Disney Corporation, after her mom died and her daughter got married she decided to go back into the music business, creating and writing songs, collaborating with other musicians and composers. She calls her genre Transcendence Pop, some of her style go in to EDM, but every song has a message and a meaning. All her recordings are done at Deltona Records Recording Studios in Deltona, Florida with award winning producer Frank Starchak. Ingrid’s songs are about E-motions, about daily situations, inner dreams and desires. She will publish her CD in the summer of 2017, her songs are already on itunes , deezer and spotify  …. And on most popular music platforms all over the world. She is also a writer for a weekly online music magazin MCLINE with the newest information from the music world.

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DJ Dos Lopez – Green Movie Mix

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