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DJ Do$ Lopez

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DJ Dos Lopez -Dubstep Mix w/ Special Guests Thick As Thieves


DJ DosLopez – Dubstep Mix featuring BlackMoore

-What type of music?
Space Music. I dip into trip hop, psychedelic hip hop, glitchy experimental goodies, and Industrial.

-When did you first start?
I wrote my first song in 2nd grade, recorded my first mixtape when I was 16.

-Why did you decide to start it?
I’ve always been into creating music and hearing my own voice, so it’s pretty natural for me.

-Are you a solo Artist or part of group?

-What name do you go by?
Craig Blackmoore

-How did you come up with the name?
It kind of just came to me.

-Who do you like to collaborate with?
I like collaborating with out of the box people, predominantly female, but I’m open to anyone creative.

-Where do you play?
I like to play in weird unconventional locations and periodically the Tangent Gallery.

-When are your upcoming shows?
Who knows.

DJ Dos Lopez – 2017 Artists Re-run

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