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Passing Across Party Lines – Trump and Weed

weedleaf1Today at 5pm Eastern Time the Weed Warrior will interview a Weed Supporting Republican and talk about the next four years, Marc Emery, and other issues related to our plant like Jury Nullification, decriminalization, and Equal Opportunity for Weed..

With music from the catalouge of the legendary Edward T-Money Green a Detroit Legend.

Congrats to the President Elect

Is Bill Schuette is a Lions Fan

We will pass across party lines to define the next four years regarding states rights and wrongs..  and how to right the wrong..


on Detroit’s Dankest Internet Radio Station


Free Doc Boyd – Lions – Hornets, Pistons and Wings Oh My

DocBoydThe Committee to Free  Dr.Gwendolyn Boyd from the haters on the Alabama State University President Board of Trustees will give a statement on air today. List of charges against Dr.Boyd Black Friday Special Show with the Dankest news from Detroit.  Music and insight from Grammy Award Winning and main man Bass Master Edward T-Money Green and guest reports from Oregon, and California.

It’s Friday and what is the State of  your Bud today?

Go Lions and Bong Hits for the Red Wings!

One Day the Weed will be free, in the streets of Montgomery!

Snoop Dogg halftime show promoting green jobs for no layoffs in 2017

Tune into  Detroit’s Dankest Internet Radio Station at 5pm Eastern Standard Time.. call ins are welcome at 3134290801 at



Oakland County Weed Warrior Andrew Cissell Live

andewcizellThe Weed Warriors on will interview the man who paid a price of his freedom to change Marijuana Laws and mindsets in Oakland County MI at 5pm Friday 11/18/16 on Detroit’s Dankest Internet Radio Station and Livestream TV. Fresh from serving a 90 day sentence for possession of Marijuana, this former candidate for State Representative will be on with Detroit’s dankest internet radio host to talk about the ground game when it comes to Marijuana legalization in Michigan.

He ran twice for state representative but, also led triumphant petition campaigns in five Oakland County towns to decriminalize the possession of marijuana.

Music by the legendary Bass Master and, Grammy award winning Edward “T-Money” Green.

To call in and participate please call 3134290801 or, watch us on and burn one with us. Engineered by Olin Ezra!


Shout out to Carmen Harlan! – Post Election Analysis and Weed

Shout out to all the Veterans!  Thank you for your service..  We support PTSD treatment with weed because that is what a veteran needs.  indeed.  Call In Number  (313) 429-0801


weedleaf1The crew will send a shout-out to fellow Mumford HS Alum Carmen Harlan on her last day on the job with retirement tips.

Hillary vs Trump vs Weed..   oh shit indeed…  They fought the weed and the weed won!

Debbie and Frank went down in the tank

Music news and  views from Pasteur Alum and Grammy award winning Bass Master T-Money Green

see you at 5 with music from T-money Green and friends for 0:15 minutes and live on the air at 5:20..  (4:20 Central Time)

On periscope live! livestream

Judicial Review 36th District Court Candidate Christopher Blount

If you were a valid Medical Marijuana patient and got arrested for possession of Marijuana on Belle Isle in Detroit MI, you would end up in 36th District Court before a judge. The two current MI Supreme Court Judges Larsen and Viviano would send you to Jail at a for profit institution.

Whereas electing judges that grew up in the neighborhood, would expunge the arrest and follow the intent of the law at the State and Local Level. We are endorsing Christopher M. Blount for 36th District Court because he will be a fair judge toward  marijuana patients and promotes education by interaction with youth BEFORE they get in trouble.  He is a native Detroiter by birth and a retired Lifeguard for the Detroit Recreation Department. He is a true Mumford Mustang from the neighborhood and as a lawyer he is very good.




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