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Firefighters in Michigan Benefit from Weed. Is Hemp Fuel Coming Soon?



Michigan Firefighters will benefit from Medical Marijuana when House Bill 4209 is signed into law (Page 56 – Lines 2-12). 30% of the proceeds from weed will fund the 1st Res-ponders Fund and Cancer Research on active and retired public servants. This is a tectonic shift in employment policy that will lower health care costs and provide better coverage.  This policy may force municipalities to enact green ordinances like requiring all public vehicles to use alternative fuel sources like industrial hemp grown in Michigan.  Industrial Hemp is already legal in Michigan and all it would take is an Ordinance presented to and passed by your City Council members to make this happen.



debrathomas2014At the State Level appointing a Judge to the Michigan Supreme Court who is understanding of the benefits of Marijuana and can expunge bad data is another first down for the cause.  Judge Debra Thomas is a candidate on the November 8th ballot and a vote for her would get the job done at the State Level.




Wit10301937_10206135196046355_3989047611197490932_nh Canada set to legalize Marijuana by April 20, 2017,  duty free cannabis products at the Ambassador Bridge will be as popular as the Epi-Pens hastening the need for a new Ambassador Bridge.  By the Governor’s signature, Marijuana is projected to create 10,000 jobs in Michigan with green industries and education.  Private and Public organizations are strongly encouraged to cease and desist using marijuana as a barrier to employment because of cost effectiveness. Furthermore, Treatment for PTSD with Marijuana is a legal and accepted practice in the State of Michigan.


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Wayne County Deputies and Medical Marijuana in Detroit

Today at 5pm….  on Detroit’s Dankest Internet Radio Station    call in 3134290801

A PSA from the Weed Warrior

weedleaf1If a team of Wayne County Deputies take your vehicle after leaving a Medical Marijuana compassion center, you are strongly recommended to fight the charges.  There is nothing illegal about visiting a Medical Marijuana facility in the City of Detroit, especially if you have a Medical Marijuana card. Pursuant to local rule, these facilities are recognized by the City of Detroit as a valid place of business under an ordinance that is in litigation by Detroit Dispensary owners. After a vehicle has been seized the victim is required to pay up to $2000 to get the car back and forfeit their right to sue.  In most cases charges are never brought against the victim and, the victim is scared into giving up the money and getting their car back. This issue is ongoing and currently being looked into by legal agencies and advocates and, we are appalled at the conduct of Wayne County Sheriff Deputies who have chosen to disregard the card and choosing to continue the 80 year drug war on weed as mandated by Harrry Anslinger, the first CEO of the Drug Enforcement Agency in 1929.

Meanwhile, you are strongly encouraged to get legal counsel and fight for the following:

  1. Return of Vehicle ASAP
  2. Refund of all collected “fines”
  3. Dismissal of all charges

Make sure to use your cell phone to document the harassment.

Also please obtain badge numbers and save all receipts.

In one case a car was returned when it was determined that the lady had valid reason for entering the establishment.

You want your vehicle and medicine returned at once.

Meet Charlo Greene the Weed Warrior. Breaking: Wayne County Sherriffs harassing Marijuana Patients in Detroit

Charlo Greene

We are looking forward to receiving Ms. Charlo Greene and the Minority Cannabis Business Owners Association who is visiting our city  from Anchorage Alaska.  She is the entrepreneur who quit her job on the air with flair…  ie “fuck it, I quit”  to work on her own business.  Free passes to the conference will be given to luck winners who contact us.

Politician Pushing Pot

Fuck it, I Quit on YouTube

If you have been stopped by the Wayne County Sheriff at a Medical Marijuana Facility in Detroit, please call in at 3134290801. There is a group of Wayne County Sheriff officers seizing cars once they leave a facility in Detroit.  If you want to share your story on the air please call in and discuss it with referral to legal counsel.








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